The New Book of Genesis Chapter 21


21:1     Now Yahweh watched over Sarah

just as He promised

the Almighty was there for Sarah.


21:2     Sarah became pregnant

and bore a son to Abraham

in his elderly years

just as God promised.


21:3     Abraham named the son

Sarah brought forth Isaac.


21:4     When his son Isaac was 8 days old

Abraham purified him

just as God instructed him.


21:5     Abraham was 100 years old

when his son Isaac was born.



21:6     Sarah said:

God has brought me laughter

and everyone who listens

will laugh with me.


21:7     And she also said:

Who would have told Abraham

that Sarah would nurse a child?

Yet I have delivered him a son

in his elderly years.


21:8     The child grew up and matured

and Abraham held a great feast

when Isaac came of age.


21:9     But Sarah noticed the son of Hagar

the Egyptian brought forth to Abraham

was joking about it.


21:10   So she said to Abraham:

Cast out that housemaid and her son

as her son won’t ever share

in the inheritance with my son Isaac.


21:11   This saddened Abraham greatly

because it related to his son.


21:12   But God spoke to him:

Don’t let this sadden you

about the boy and your housemaid.

Hear out what Sarah says

because through Isaac

will your teachings be carried on.


21:13   The son of the housemaid

will also lead many followers

because he comes forth from you.


21:14   Abraham rose early the next morning

took food and a vessel of water

and gave them to Hagar.

He gave them to her to carry

and sent her off with the boy.

She left on a journey

and traveled the Desert of Beersheba.


21:15   When the water

in the vessel ran out

she sat the boy down

under one of the bushes.


21:16   Then she walked over

and she sat down

within an bowshot away.

She could not watch the boy die.

As she sat down

the child began to cry.


21:17   God heard the boy

and the angel of God

spoke to Hagar from heaven:

Hagar why are you worried?

God has heard the boy

as he lay there.


21:18   Arise and pick up the lad

and give him a hug

for he will lead a great people.


21:19   Then God opened her eyes

and she saw a pool of water.

Then she filled the vessel

and let the boy drink.


21:20   God was with the boy

as he grew up.

He lived in the wilderness

and became an archer.


21:21   While living in the Paran wilderness

his mother brought him

a wife from Egypt.


21:22   It came to pass that Abimelek

and his army chief Phicol

both said to Abraham:

God is with you

in everything you do.


21:23   Now pledge before God

not to cheat me

my children

or my followers.

Instead show me the kindness

I have shown you

and the land you inhabit.


21:24   Abraham replied:

I promise you this.


21:25   Then Abraham admonished Abimelek

concerning a water spring

that Abimelek's servants had taken over.


21:26   Yet Abimelek replied:

I know not who did this.

You did not tell me

I have just heard of it today.


21:27   Then Abraham brought sheep and oxen

and gave them to Abimelek

and the two men made a pact.


21:28   Abraham separated seven

ewe lambs from the flock.


21:29   Then Abimelek asked Abraham:

Why have you separated

these seven ewe lambs?


21:30   He replied:

Accept these seven lambs from me

as proof that I dug this well.


21:31   That place was called Beersheba

because there they made a pact.


21:32   After the pact of Beersheba

Abimelek and his army chief Phicol

returned to the land of the Philistines.


21:33   Abraham planted an orchard in Beersheba

and there he praised

the Name of Yahweh

the Eternal God.


21:34   Then Abraham remained

in the land of the Philistines

for a long time.