The New Book of Genesis Chapter 22


22:1     Later God tested Abraham

saying to Abraham:

I am here.


22:2     Then He said:

Bring your son

your only son

Isaac whom you love

and go to the land of Moriah.

Bring him up to the mountain

where I will guide you.


22:3     So Abraham rose

early in the morning

and saddled up his donkey.

He brought two young men

and his son Isaac.

After cutting some brush

he went to the place God spoke of.


22:4     After three days Abraham looked up

and saw the place ahead.


22:5     Abraham told the young men:

Stay with the donkey while the boy and I

go up there and worship.

We will come back soon.


22:6     Abraham brought the kindling

and went up with Isaac his son

where they lit the fire together.


22:7     Isaac then questioned his father.

Abraham replied:

We have the kindling for fire.

Isaac asked:

But where is the offering?


22:8     Abraham replied:

God himself will provide

the offering my son.

They continued on together.


22:9     When they came to the place

God had told him about

Abraham built an altar there

and arranged the kindling on it.

He pulled his son Isaac down

and prostrated him before the altar

topped with the kindling.(B)


22:10   Then he reached out his hand

with the blade

and made an offering

together with his son.


22:11   Just then the angel of Yahweh

called out from heaven:

Abraham! Abraham!

Abraham replied:

Yes here I am.


22:12   The angel said:

Do not push the boy.

Let him do it for himself.

I know you revere God

because you have not

left out your son

your only son.


22:13   Abraham looked up

and there among the bushes

he saw a large tree behind him.

He grabbed hold of the tree

and offered it in the fire

with his son.


22:14   Then Abraham named that place

Yahweh provides.

And to this day this is considered

the mountain of Yahweh.


22:15   The angel of Yahweh spoke

from heaven to Abraham again.


22:16   He said:

Yahweh declares

that you have done this

with your son

and not abandoned your son

your only son.


22:17   My blessings will be upon you

and your followers shall number

as the stars in the sky

and as the sand on the shore.

Your followers will gain heaven

and conquer their enemies.


22:18   And through your followers

all peoples of the earth

will receive blessings

because you have obeyed Me.


22:19   Then Abraham returned

to the young men with him.

They traveled together to Beersheba.

Then Abraham remained in Beersheba.


22:20   Later on Abraham was told:

Milkah is now a mother

she has conceived sons

to your brother Nahor.


22:21   Uz is the firstborn

Buz is his brother

and Kemuel became

the leader of Aram.


22:22   Kesed, Hazo and Pildash

Jidlaph and Bethuel:


22:23   Bethuel fathered Rebekah.

Milkah conceived these eight sons

to Abraham's brother Nahor.


22:24   His mistress named Reumah

also had sons:

Tebah, Gaham, Tahash and Maakah.


(B) Some translations suggest that God had instructed Abraham to burn his son in the offering fire to test Abraham’s devotion. This would suggest God would command someone to commit a violent and provocative act against his own family to prove their devotion to Him. It also suggests that God would be unaware of the extent of Abraham’s devotion to Him. It suggests that God could not understand Abraham’s heart and needed to test Abraham. This portrays God as unknowing, insecure and jealous. And because intending to kill one’s own son is a violent act that contradicts the notion of love, such a translation contradicts the very principle of an all-knowing, loving, omniscient Supreme Being. The above translation portrays the likely origin of the story – that Abraham pushed his son to worship with him, but God and His angel taught Abraham to allow his son to freely develop his own devotion by himself. This is consistent with the statements in the text, and the very heart of God, which gives each of us the freedom to love Him and worship Him or not.