The New Book of Genesis Chapter 23


23:1     Sarah went lived 127 years.


23:2     She passed away in Kiriatharba Hebron

in the land of Canaan.

Abraham mourned for Sarah

and cried for her.


23:3     Abraham stood before his dead wife

and spoke to the followers of Heth:


23:4     I am a foreigner and traveler

but I am with you.

Please give me some land

to bury my dead wife.


23:5     The followers of Heth

replied to Abraham:


23:6     Hear us dear sir.

You are a mighty prince among us.

In the choicest of our tombs

you may bury your dead.

No one of us will refuse

you a tomb to burying her.


23:7     Then Abraham stood up

and bowed before the people of the land

the followers of Heth.


23:8     He then made an offer and said:

Since you allow me to bury my dead

please hear me and help me ask

Ephron the follower of Zohar


23:9     to sell me the cave of Machpelah

that he has at the end of his field.

I will pay him full price for this burial site.


23:10   Ephron sat among the followers of Heth.

Ephron the Hittite replied to Abraham:


23:11   No sir please hear me

I will give you the field

and give you the cave that is in it.

I give it to you in the presence of my people.

Bury your dead.


23:12   Again Abraham bowed

before the people of the land.


23:13   Then to Ephron he said:

Please hear me out.

Please accept my paying for the field

so I can bury my dead wife there.

23:14   Ephron replied to Abraham:


23:15   Hear me out sir.

The land is worth four hundred shekels of silver

but what is that between us?

Please bury your dead wife.


23:16   Abraham agreed with Ephron's terms

he weighed out the price

mentioned among the followers of Heth:

four hundred shekels of silver

according to the merchant money weight.


23:17   Thus Ephron's field in Machpelah Mamre

the field and its cave

and all the trees within the field’s borders

became exchanged.


23:18   Abraham received the property

in the presence of the followers of Heth

who came to the town’s gate.


23:19   After that Abraham buried his wife Sarah

in the cave on the land of Machpelah Mamre

or Hebron in the land of Canaan.


23:20   In this manner

the land and its cave

were deeded to Abraham

as a burial site

by the followers of Heth.