The New Book of Genesis Chapter 24

24:1     As Abraham became older

Yahweh blessed him in every way.


24:2     Then Abraham told a senior follower

who was in charge of his assets:

Please lay your hand on my side.


24:3     Now swear by Yahweh

the God of heaven

and the God of earth

that you will not match my son

with daughters of the Canaanites

among whom I live.


24:4     Rather, go to my people

and my own relatives

to find a wife for my son Isaac.


24:5     His follower replied to him:

Suppose the woman is unwilling

to come back with me here?

Should I return your son

to the land you came from?


24:6     Then Abraham answered him:

Be sure not to take my son there.


24:7     Yahweh the God of heaven

who sent me from my father’s house

and my native land

Who spoke to me and promised me:

Your followers will inherit a world

guided to by His messenger.

So you shall find a wife for my son.


24:8     Should the woman be unwilling

to return with you

you will be released

from my request.

Just don’t take my son there.


24:9     Then the follower placed his hand

at the side of his teacher Abraham

and made a promise regarding this matter.


24:10   Thus the follower set off

taking ten of his teacher’s camels

loaded with many goods from his teacher.

He left for Aram Naharayim

and journied into the village of Nahor.


24:11   He had the camels kneel down

outside the village by a water spring

at a time of the evening when the women

go out to draw water.


24:12   He prayed:

Yahweh, God of my teacher Abraham

make me successful on this day

and please show favor

to my teacher Abraham.


24:13   Now I stand beside this spring

and the daughters of the village

come out to draw water.


24:14   May it come to pass

that the maiden to whom I say:

Please take down your vessel

so I may have a drink, will say:

Drink and I’ll water your camels.

This will be the one

You have chosen for Your servant Isaac.

This will let me know

You show favor to my teacher.


24:15   Before he finished his prayer

Rebekah emerged with a jar on her shoulder.

Born of Bethuel son of Milcah

the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor.


24:16   The maiden was beautiful

nor had any man ever been with her.

She walked down to the spring

filled her jar and returned.


24:17   The follower hurried

to meet her and said:

Please give me a little water

from your vessel.


24:18   She replied:

Drink my sir

lowering the jar to her hands

giving him a drink.


24:19   After giving him a drink she said:

I'll draw water for your camels too

until they have drank enough.


24:20   She immediately emptied the jar

into the trough and ran back to the well

to draw more water

to deliver enough for his camels.


24:21   As the man watched in silence

he wondered if Yahweh

had made his journey successful.


24:22   Once the camels finished drinking

the man took out a gold ring

weighing a half shekel

and two gold bracelets

weighing ten shekels.


24:23   Then he asked her:

Whose daughter are you?

Please tell me, is there room

in your father's house

for us to spend the night?


24:24   She replied to him:

I am the daughter of Bethuel –

the son Milkah bore to Nahor.


24:25   She also said:

We have both straw and fodder

and room for you to sleep over.


24:26   Then the man bowed down

and worshiped Yahweh


24:27   He prayed:

Praise be to Yahweh

the God of my teacher Abraham

Who has not withheld His truth

and mercy from my teacher.

For myself, Yahweh led me

on this journey to the place

of my teacher’s family.


24:28   The maiden ran to tell

her mother's family about this.


24:29   Now Rebekah had a brother

whose name was Laban.

Laban hurried out

to the man at the spring.


24:30   Once he saw the ring and bracelets

on his sister’s hands

and heard Rebekah explaining

what the man said to her

he went to the man

and found him there

standing with his camels

near the spring.


24:31   He said to him:

Come, you blessed by Yahweh.

Why do you stand outside?

I have prepared the house

and boarding for the camels.


24:32   So the man went to their house

and untied his camels.

The camels were fed straw and fodder

and water to wash the feet

of the young men with him.


24:33   Food was provided but he said:

I will not eat until I tell you why I am here.

The reply came: So tell us.


24:34   Said the man:

I am a follower of Abraham.


24:35   Yahweh blessed my teacher greatly

and he has become perfect.

He has provided him with flocks and herds

and given him maids and servants

and camels and donkeys.


24:36   So Sarah the wife of my teacher

bore a son to my teacher in her later years.

He has since given him everything he owns.


24:37   Thus my teacher promised me:

You must not match my son

with a Canaanite wife

as this is the land that I live.


24:38   Instead go to my father's family

and to my own family

and find a wife for my son.


24:39   So I asked my teacher:

What if she won’t return with me?


24:40   He replied:

I have followed Yahweh faithfully.

He will send His angel with you

and make your journey a success

so you can find a wife for my son

from my own clan and father's family.


24:41   You are released from this promise

if they refuse to give her to you.

Then you will be released from this promise.


24:42   When I arrived at the spring

today I prayed:

Yahweh, God of my teacher Abraham

please grant me success to this journey.


24:43   I am standing beside the spring.

If a maiden comes to draw water

and I say let me drink a little water

from your vessel


24:44   should she say drink

and I’ll water your camels.

This will be the one

You have chosen for my teacher’s son.


24:45   Then before I finished my prayer

Rebekah came with her jar on her shoulder.

She went to the spring and drew water

and I said:

Please give me a drink.


24:46   She immediately lowered

the jar off her shoulder.

Then she said:

Drink and I’ll water your camels.

Then I drank and she watered the camels.


24:47   I asked her:

Whose daughter are you?

She said:

I am the daughter of Bethuel –

the son Milkah bore to Nahor.

Then I put the ring on her

and the bracelets on her arms.



24:48   Then I bowed down

and worshiped Yahweh.

I praised Yahweh

God of my teacher Abraham

who led me to the right path

to find the granddaughter

of my teacher's brother for his son.


24:49   Now if you are kind

And truly with my teacher

let me know to I know

which way I should turn.


24:50   Laban and Bethuel replied:

This is from Yahweh so we can’t

suggest one way or the other.


24:51   Rebekah is here before you.

Bring her with you

and let her become the wife

of your teacher's son

just as Yahweh directed.


24:52   Abraham's follower heard them

and bowed down before Yahweh.


24:53   Then the follower brought forth

gold and silver jewelry and clothing

and gave them to Rebekah.

He also gave precious gifts

to her brother and mother.



24:54   Then they and the men ate

drank and stayed up all night.

Then they rose up in the morning

and he said:

Bid me farewell my sir.


24:55   But her brother and mother said:

Let the maiden stay with us

for at least 10 days.

Then after that she can go.


24:56   But he replied to them:

Please don’t detain me

now that Yahweh has given

my journey success.

Send me off to my teacher.


24:57   Then they replied:

Let's bring in the housemaid

And let’s ask her.


24:58   They summoned Rebekah and asked:

Will you go with this man?

She replied: I will go.


24:59   So they sent off their sister Rebekah

Accompanied by her nurse

and Abraham's follower with his men.


24:60   And they blessed Rebekah saying:

You are our sister.

May your children

be many and overwhelm

the castles of those who hate.


24:61   Then Rebekah rose up

and her attendants mounted the camels

and followed the man home.

Thus the follower brought Rebekah

and traveled on his way.


24:62   Now Isaac had arrived

from the spring of Lahairoi

and was dwelling in Negev.


24:63   He went out to a meadow

in the evening to pray.

Then he looked up

and saw camels coming.


24:64   Rebekah also looked up.

When she saw Isaac

she jumped off from her camel.


24:65   She asked the follower:

Who is the man in the meadow

walking over to meet us?

The follower replied:

He is my teacher.

So she covered herself with her veil.


24:66   Then the follower told Isaac

everything that had happened.


24:67   Isaac brought her inside

his mother Sarah’s tent

and she became his wife.

Thus Isaac was comforted

after the death of his mother.