The New Book of Genesis Chapter 26


26:1     Then there was famine in this area

outside of the famine during Abraham's time.

So Isaac went to Abimelek

the leader of the Philistines in Gerar.


26:2     Yahweh  appeared to Isaac saying:

Don’t go to Egypt.

But stay in the land

I will tell you about.


26:3     Stay in this land for now

and I will be with you and bless you.

For you and your followers

will inherit a greater world

confirming My promise

to your teacher Abraham.


26:4     I will make your followers many

just as there are stars in the sky

and they will inherit a greater world.

And through your followers

all people on earth will be blessed.


26:5     This is because Abraham followed Me

and did everything I asked of him

by following My instructions

My decrees and requests.


26:6     And so Isaac remained in Gerar.


26:7     When the men of that place

asked about his wife he said:

She is my sister.

He was afraid to say:

She is my wife.

He thought:

The men here could kill me

on account of Rebekah

because she is attractive.


26:8     When Isaac was there for awhile

Abimelek king of the Philistines

looked out from a window

and saw Isaac caressing his wife Rebekah.


26:9     So Abimelek summoned Isaac saying:

She is really your wife!

Why did you say she was your sister?

Isaac replied:

I thought I might be killed on account of her.


26:10   Abimelek then asked:

What have you done to us?

One of the men could have slept with her

and you would have accused us.


26:11   So Abimelek commanded the people:

Anyone who harms this man or his wife

will surely be put to death.


26:12   Isaac was productive in that land

and during the year reaped a hundredfold

due to the blessings of Yahweh.


26:13   And the man became powerful

and he continued to grow

to the point of his becoming magnanimous.


26:14   Because he possessed land

and herds and workers

the Philistines envied him.


26:15   Then all the wells his father's workers

dug during the time of his father Abraham

were blocked by the Philistines

after they filled them with dirt.


26:16   Then Abimelek spoke to Isaac:

Leave us for you are

now too powerful for us.


26:17   So Isaac left that place

and camped in the Valley of Gerar

and there he lived.


26:18   Isaac dug up the water wells

dug during the time of Abraham

which were blocked by the Philistines

after Abraham passed away.

He named them what his father had given.


26:19   Isaac's workers dug in the valley

and discovered a fresh spring of water.


26:20   But the shepherds of Gerar

quarreled with Isaac.

They said it was their water.

So he named the well Esek

because they disputed with him.


26:21   Then they dug another well

but a quarrel arose over that one too

so he named it Sitnah (hatred).


26:22   Then he left that place

and dug another well

and no one quarreled over that.

He named it Rehoboth (enlargement) and said:

Now Yahweh gave us place

so we can prosper in this land.


26:23   From there he traveled to Beersheba.


26:24   Then that same night Yahweh

appeared to him and said:

I am the God of your teacher Abraham.

Do not worry because I am with you.

I will bless you and increase your following

for the sake of My servant Abraham.


26:25   Then he built an altar there

and praised the name of Yahweh.

He pitched his tent there

and there his workers dug a well.


26:26   Then Abimelek came to him from Gerar

with Ahuzzath his close adviser

and Phicol the leader of his fighters.


26:27   So Isaac asked them:

Why have you approached me?

Before you were hostile

and sent me away.


26:28   So they answered:

We saw with certainty

that Yahweh was with you

so we figured we should have

an understanding between us.

Let’s have an alliance with you.


26:29   So you will not harm us

just as we did not harm you

but always treated you well

and sent you away in peace.

Now you are blessed by Yahweh.


26:30   Then he made them a feast

and they ate and drank.


26:31   They rose early the next morning

and made a promise to each other.

Then Isaac wished them farewell

and they left in peace.


26:32   That very day

Isaac's workers came

and they told him

about the well they dug

and that they found water.


26:33   He named that place Shibah (oath)

and today this town is called Beersheba (well of the oath).


26:34   Esau was 40 years old

and he married Judith

daughter of Beeri the Hittite

as well as Basemath

daughter of Elon the Hittite.


26:35   They brought grief

to Isaac and Rebekah.