The New Book of Genesis Chapter 27


27:1     Later when Isaac was older

and his eyes were weak

and he could no longer see

he summoned Esau his older son

calling him my child.

Esau replied:

I am here.


27:2     Then said Isaac:

Look now I am old

and I know not

the day of my passing.


27:3     So please take your weapons

your quiver and your bow

and go out to the wilderness

and bring me some food.


27:4     Then prepare some tasty food

that I like to eat

and bring it to me

so I may give you my blessing

before I pass.


27:5     Then Rebekah heard

what Isaac said to Esau.

When his son Esau left

and went to the wilderness

to get some food to bring back


27:6     Rebekah told her son Jacob:

Surely I heard your father

telling your brother Esau


27:7     To bring some food and

prepare it for him to eat

so he may give him his blessing

in the presence of Yahweh

before he passes away.


27:8     So my child listen carefully

and do what I instruct you to do:


27:9     Go out to the field

and bring back food for two

so I can prepare a meal for your father

just how he likes it.


27:10   Then take it to your father to eat

so he may give you his blessing

before he passes.


27:11   Jacob told his mother Rebekah:

My brother Esau is a hairy man

but I have smooth skin.


27:12   What if my father touches me?

I would appear to deceive him

which would be a curse

rather than a blessing.


27:13   To him his mother replied:

Let me be cursed my son.

Just obey what I say

go fetch them for me.


27:14   So he left and fetched them

Bringing them to his mother

and she prepared some good food

just the way his father liked it.


27:15   Then Rebekah took some good clothes

of her older son Esau’s from the house

and put them on Jacob her younger son.


27:16   Then she put goat skins

over his hands and behind his neck.


27:17   She then gave her son Jacob

the tasty food and bread she made.


27:18   Then he approached his father saying:

My father.

He answered:

Yes my son. Who is it?


27:19   Jacob replied to his father:

I am Esau your firstborn.

I did what you instructed.

Please sit up and eat some food

so you can give me your blessing.


27:20   Isaac asked his son:

How did you get it so quickly my son?

He replied:

Your God Yahweh granted me success.


27:21   Then Isaac said to Jacob:

Please come closer my son

so I can touch you

and know whether or not

you are really my son Esau.


27:22   So Jacob approached Isaac.

His father touched him and said:

The voice is Jacob’s

but the hands are Esau’s.


27:23   He recognized him not

as his hands were hairy

like his brother Esau’s.

So he proceeded to bless him.


27:24   He asked:

Are you my son Esau?

He replied:

I am.


27:25   Then he said:

My son bring the food over to eat

so I can give you my blessing.

Jacob brought it to him and he eat.

And he brought some wine for him to drink.


27:26   Then his father Isaac said:

Come over here son and kiss me.


27:27   So he approached him

and kissed him.

When Isaac smelled his clothes

he blessed him saying:

Surely my son smells like a field

That Yahweh has blessed.


27:28   May God give you the dew of heaven

and the richness of the earth

and plenty of grain and grape juice.


27:29   May people follow you

and bow down before you.

Take care of your brothers

and may the sons of your mother

bow down to you.

Cursed be those who curse you

and blessed be those who bless you.


27:30   Once Isaac finished blessing Jacob

he remained with his father.

Then his brother Esau returned from getting food.


27:31   He also made some good food

and brought that to his father.

Then he said to him:

Father please get up and eat some food

so that you may give me your blessing.


27:32   His father Isaac asked him:

Who are you?

He replied:

I am your firstborn son Esau.


27:33   Isaac became very upset saying:

Who was it that went out

and brought me food?

I ate that just before you came

and then blessed him

and yes he shall be blessed.


27:34   When Esau heard his father's words

he cried loudly and bitterly

and said to his father:

Bless me also my father!


27:35   Then he [Isaac] said:

Your brother came in deceitfully

and has taken your blessing.


27:36   Then he [Esau] replied:

Isn't he rightly named Jacob?

Now he has cheated me twice.

He has taken my birthright

and now he's taken my blessing.

Then he asked:

You didn’t save any blessing for me?


27:37   Then Isaac answered:

I have made him your protector

and all his relatives his followers

and given him sustenance

of grain and grape juice.

What can I do for you my son?


27:38   Esau said to his father:

Have you only one blessing father?

Bless me too father!

Then Esau wept loudly.


27:39   Then his father Isaac replied:

Certainly you will live in a fertile place

with the dew of heaven above.


27:40   You will live by the sword

and will work for your brother.

But when you grow restless

from your neck will you tear off his harness.


27:41   So Esau opposed Jacob

due to his father having blessed him.

The days of mourning

for my father are coming to an end.

Then will I kill my brother Jacob.


27:42   Esau’s words were relayed to Rebekah.

She summoned her son Jacob

and said to him:

Your brother Esau will have revenge

by killing you.


27:43   Therefore my son do what I tell you:

Flee now and go to my brother

Laban in Harran.


27:44   Stay with him until

your brother is no longer angry.


27:45   When your brother’s anger subsides

and forgets what you did to him

I'll send for you

to come back from there.

Otherwise I will lose both

of you in one day.


27:46   Then Rebekah said to Isaac:

I no longer want to live

because of these followers of Heth.

If Jacob takes a wife from this land

from the Hittite women like these

what good is living?