The New Book of Genesis Chapter 28


28:1     So Isaac summoned Jacob

and then blessed him.

Then he instructed him:

Don’t marry a Canaanite girl.


28:2     Instead go to Paddanaram

to the house of your mother's father Bethuel.

Find a wife for yourself there

from among the daughters of Laban

your mother's brother.


28:3     May God Almighty bless you

and make you productive

and increase your followers

until you have a community of people.


28:4     And give Abraham’s blessing

to you and your descendants

so you may be entrusted the land

where you are now a foreigner

the land God entrusted to Abraham.


28:5     Then Isaac sent Jacob on his way

and went to Paddanaram

to Laban son of Bethuel the Aramean

the brother of Rebekah

the mother of Jacob and Esau.


28:6     So Esau learned Isaac blessed Jacob

and had sent him to Paddanaram

to find a wife from that place

and while blessing him he instructed:

Do not marry a Canaanite woman.


28:7     And Jacob obeyed his father and mother

and went  to Paddan Aram.


28:8     Esau understood the Canaanite women

were displeasing to his father Isaac.


28:9     So he went to Ishmael

and married Mahalath

the sister of Nebaioth

and daughter of Ishmael

son of Abraham

adding to the wives he had.


28:10   Jacob left Beersheba

and traveled to Harran.


28:11   When he came to a stop

he stayed for the night as the sun had set.

Taking one of the stones from there

he put it under his head

and laid down to sleep.


28:12   Then he had a dream

and saw a stairway set up on earth

with its top reaching to heaven

and the angels of God

ascending and descending it.


28:13   Yahweh stood over it saying:

I am Yahweh

God of your teacher Abraham

and the God of Isaac.

The world that gives you rest

will be provided to you

and your followers.


28:14   Your followers will be

like the dust of the earth

spreading out to the west

and east, north and south.

All the people of the earth

will be blessed through you

and your followers.


28:15   Surely I will be with you

and will keep you

wherever you go

and bring you back

to that world.

I will not leave you

because what I promise you

will come to pass.


28:16   When Jacob woke up he said:

Surely Yahweh is here

and I knew it not.


28:17   He was awestruck and said:

How awesome is this place.

This is surely the house of God

and the gate of heaven.


28:18   Jacob rose early in the morning

and took the stone he used as a pillow

and set it up as a monument

and poured oil on top of it.


28:19   He called that place Bethel

though the village was first called Luz.


28:20   Then Jacob made a vow, saying:

God will be with me

and will watch over me

on my journey

giving me food and clothing.


28:21   Allowing my safe return

to my father's household

for Yahweh is my God.


28:22   And this stone I set up as a monument

will be God's house

and of all that I’m given

I will give Him a tenth.