The New Book of Genesis Chapter 29


29:1     Jacob continued his journey

entering the region

of the people of the East.


29:2     There he saw a spring in a field

with three flocks of sheep lying near it

as the birds watered from that spring.

The stone over wellspring was large.


29:3     Where the flocks gathered

they would roll away the stone

from the wellspring to water the sheep.

Then they returned the stone

to cover the wellspring.


29:4     Jacob asked them:

My brothers where are you from?

They replied:

We are from Harran.


29:5     Then he asked them:

Do you know Laban

the follower of Nahor?

They replied:

Yes we do know him.


29:6     Then he asked them:

Is he well?

They replied:

Yes he is.

Here comes Rachel

his daughter with the sheep.


29:7     Then he said:

I see the sun is still high.

It’s not time for gathering the herds.

Go water and feed your sheep.


29:8     They replied:

We can't until all the herds gather

and the wellspring stone is rolled away.

Then we will water the sheep.


29:9     While he spoke with them

Rachel came with her father’s sheep.

For it was her who cared for them.


29:10   When Jacob saw Rachel

daughter of his uncle Laban

and Laban's shepherd

he rolled the stone away

from the wellspring

and watered his uncle's sheep.


29:11   Then Jacob kissed Rachel

and cried loudly.


29:12   Then Jacob told Rachel

that he was her father’s kin

and was a son of Rebekah.

Then she ran and told her father.


29:13   When Laban heard about Jacob

his sister's son

he went to meet him.

He embraced and kissed him

and brought him to his household.

Jacob told him all these things.


29:14   Then Laban said to him:

Surely you are my kin and essence.

Jacob remained with him for a month.


29:15   Then Laban said to him:

Just because you are my kin

should you work for me for nothing?

Tell me what your wages shall be.


29:16   Now Laban had two daughters.

The older one was named Leah

and the younger one was Rachel.


29:17   Leah had tender eyes

but Rachel was beautiful and attractive.


29:18   Jacob loved Rachel and said:

I will work for you seven years

for your younger daughter Rachel.


29:19   Laban replied:

It's better I give her to you

than to another man.

Stay here with me.


29:20   For Rachel Jacob worked for seven years.

But they seemed like only a few days

because of his love for her.


29:21   Jacob then told Laban:

I have fulfilled my time.

Please give me my wife

so that I can be with her.


29:22   So Laban gathered the people

in the area and held a banquet.


29:23   Once evening arrived

he brought his daughter Leah

over to Jacob

and they came together.


29:24   Then Laban gave his daughter Leah

his housemaid Zilpah as her attendant.


29:25   Once morning arrived

it was Leah that was there.

So Jacob said to Laban:

What have you done to me?

I worked for you for Rachel yes?

Why have you tricked me?


29:26   So Laban replied:

It is not done in our land

to give a younger daughter to marry

before giving the older one.


29:27   Finish this daughter's bridal week

then we will give you the other one

in exchange for another seven years of work.


29:28   That’s what Jacob did.

He completed the week with Leah

and later Laban gave him

his daughter Rachel to marry.


29:29   Laban gave his housemaid Bilhah

to his daughter Rachel as her attendant.


29:30   Jacob came together with Rachel

and loved Rachel more than Leah.

And he worked another seven years.


29:31   Yahweh knew Leah was not favored.

So He made her fertile

while Rachel remained childless.


29:32   Thus Leah gave birth to a son.

She named him Reuben saying:

Surely Yahweh saw my pain.

Now my husband will care for me.


29:33   Then she conceived again

giving birth to a son saying:

Because Yahweh knew

that I was not favored

He gave me this one too.

So she named him Simeon (heard).


29:34   Yet again she conceived

giving birth to a son saying:

Now finally my husband will be with me

for I brought forth three sons.

So he was named Levi (joined).


29:35   Then she conceived again

giving birth to a son, saying:

This time I will praise Yahweh.

So she named him Judah (praised)

and had no more children.