The New Book of Genesis Chapter 31


31:1     He heard Laban's sons saying:

Jacob took away all our father had

and gained his wealth from our father.


31:2     Then Jacob saw that Laban

did not have the same attitude as before.


31:3     Then Yahweh spoke to Jacob:

Return to the land of your fathers and relatives

and I will be with you.


31:4     Then Jacob summoned 

Rachel and Leah to the fields 

where his flocks were.


31:5     He said to them:

I understand your father's attitude

about me is not what it was.

But the God of my teacher

has been with me.


31:6     You know I worked hard

for your father with all my strength.


31:7     But your father deceived me

and changed my wages ten times.

Yet God allowed him to harm me not.


31:8     If he said the speckled ones

will be your wages

then the flocks bore speckled young.

If he said the streaked ones

will be your wages

then the flocks bore streaked young.

31:9     So God took away the flocks

of your father and gave them to me.


31:10   Once I had a dream

and saw the male goats mating

with the striped, speckled and spotted flock.


31:11   Then the angel of God

spoke to me in the dream.

Jacob and I answered:

Here I am.


31:12   Then he said:

See all the rams leaping

in the flock that are striped

speckled or spotted.

I have seen what Laban

has been doing to you.


31:13   I am the God of Bethel

where you dedicated a monument

and devoted yourself to Me.

Now leave this land at once

and go back to your home land.


31:14   Then Rachel and Leah replied:

Is there anything inheritance left

for us of our father's estate?


31:15   Are we not considered foreigners?

Surely he sold us and spent

what was paid for us.


31:16   For the wealth God took away

from our father belongs to us

and our children.

So do whatever God has told you.


31:17   Then Jacob got up

and put his sons and wives on camels.


31:18   Then he drove his flocks ahead

along with all the things

he got in Paddan Aram

and went to his teacher Isaac

in the land of Canaan.


31:19   When Laban went out

to shear his sheep

Rachel took her father's shrines.


31:20   Thus Jacob betrayed Laban the Syrian

without his knowing

saying nothing as he left.


31:21   Thus he fled with everything

crossed over the river

and headed for the hills of Gilead.


31:22   This was told to Laban

on the third day of Jacob’s fleeing.


31:23   He took his brothers with him

and chased after him for seven days.

Then they caught up to him

in the hills of Gilead.


31:24   God came to Laban the Aramean

in a dream one night and said:

Take care not to say anything to Jacob

either good or bad.


31:25   Laban overtook Jacob

where Jacob had set up camp

in the hills of Gilead.

Laban and his brothers also camped there.


31:26   Laban asked Jacob:

What are you doing?

You have deceived me

and have taken my daughters

like captives under a sword.


31:27   Why did you run away

secretly and deceive me?

Why didn't you tell me

so I could send you away joyfully

singing to music of timbrels and harps?


31:28   You didn't let me kiss

my sons and daughters?

You have acted very foolishly.


31:29   I have the power to hurt you.

But the God of your teacher told me last night:

Take care not to say anything to Jacob

either good or bad.


31:30   Now you’ve run off

because you longed

for your father's household.

But why did you steal my shrines?


31:31   Jacob replied to Laban:

I worried that you might

take your daughters

away from me.


31:32   But if you find

who has your shrines

they should not be protected.

In the presence of our brothers

check to see

if we have anything of yours

if so take it back.

(For Jacob knew not

that Rachel had taken the shrines.)


31:33   So Laban entered Jacob's tent

then into Leah's tent

and into the tent of the two maids

yet he found nothing.

After leaving Leah's tent

he went into Rachel's tent.


31:34   Now Rachel had taken the shrines

and put them in her camel's saddle

and thus was sitting on them.

Laban searched through the entire tent

and found nothing.


31:35   Rachel said to her father:

Don't be displeased, sir

that I cannot rise in your presence

due to the manner of women.

He searched but found no shrines.


31:36   Then Jacob became angry

and challenged Laban:

What is my crime?

How have I wronged you

such that you are pursuing me?


31:37   Now that you have searched

through all my things

what have you found

that belongs to your family?

Set it down here before our brothers

and let them judge between us.


31:38   For twenty years

have I been with you.

Your sheep and goats

have not lost their young

nor have I burnt rams

from your flocks.


31:39   Those torn up by beasts

I brought you not.

I took those losses on myself.

And you required payment from me

for what was stolen by day or night.


31:40   This is what happened to me.

The heat burned me in the daytime

and the cold froze me at night.

And my eyes saw little sleep.


31:41   This was what it was like

over the twenty years in your home.

I worked for you fourteen years

for your two daughters

then six years for your flocks.

And you changed my wages ten times.


31:42   If the God of my teacher

the God of Abraham

and the reverence of Isaac

had not been with me

certainly would you have

dispatched me with nothing.

But God saw my hardship

and the labor of my hands

and last night did He rebuke you.


31:43   Then Laban replied to Jacob:

These daughters are my daughters

the children are my children

and the flocks are my flocks

and all you see is mine.

But today what can I do

about these daughters of mine

or the children they have borne?


31:44   So let’s make a deal

you and I

as a witness between us.


31:45   Then Jacob took a stone

and set it up as a monument.


31:46   He told his brothers:

Gather some stones.

And they gathered stones

and piled them up in a mound

and then ate there by the mound.


31:47   Laban called it Jegarsahadutha

(witness mound in Aramaic)

and Jacob called it Galeed

(witness mound in Hebrew).


31:48   Then Laban said:

This mound serves as a witness

between you and me today.

Therefore it is called Galeed.


31:49   Then also Mizpah said:

May Yahweh watch over me and you

when we are separated from each other.


31:50   If you harm my daughters

or take other wives besides my daughters

even though no one is with us

remember that God is our witness.


31:51   Laban also said to Jacob:

Consider this mound

and consider this monument

set up between you and I.


31:52   May this mound be our witness

and this monument our witness

that I will not go past this mound

on your side to harm you

and that you will not go past this mound

and monument on my side to harm me.


31:53   May the God of Abraham

and the God of Nahor

the God of their teacher

judge between us.

Then Jacob made a promise

on account of the reverence

of his teacher Isaac.


31:54   Jacob then made an offering

there on the mount

inviting his brothers to a meal.

After they had ate bread

they spent the night on the mount.


31:55   Early the next morning

Laban awoke and kissed his sons

and daughters and blessed them.

Then he departed and returned home.