The New Book of Genesis Chapter 32


32:1     Jacob departed on his journey

and he encountered angels of God.


32:2     Jacob saw them and said:

This is God’s gang!

So he named that place Mahanaim (two gangs).


32:3     Jacob dispatched messengers

ahead to his brother Esau in Seir

in the land of Edom.


32:4     He instructed them:

You shall say this directly

to my master Esau:

Your subject Jacob says

he has been staying with Laban

and have remained there until now.


32:5     I have oxen, donkeys and sheep

and male and female workers.

Now I send this message

to my master

so I may please you.


32:6     When the messengers returned

they said to Jacob:

We went to your brother Esau

and now he comes to meet you

with four hundred men.


32:7     Then Jacob was greatly astonished

so he divided his people

into two groups

along with the flocks

herds and camels.


32:8     He thought:

If Esau comes and attacks one group

the other group left may escape.


32:9     Then Jacob prayed:

O God of my teacher Abraham

God of my teacher Isaac

Yahweh who told me to

go back to my country and family

and you will be able to prosper.


32:10   I am not worthy

of the mercy and truth

You showed your servant.

I had only my staff

when I crossed the Jordan

but now I am a part of two gangs.


32:11   I pray deliver me

from my brother Esau

because I am worried that

he will come and attack me

the mothers and their children.


32:12   Yet You have said

You will help me prosper

and make my followers

as numerous as sand in the sea.


32:13   He stayed overnight there

and brought with him

a gift for his brother Esau:


32:14   Two hundred female goats

and twenty male goats

and two hundred ewes

and twenty rams.


32:15   And thirty female camels

with offspring

forty cows and ten bulls

and twenty female

and ten male donkeys.


32:16   He delivered them into

the care of his workers

one herd at a time

and said to his workers:

Get ahead of me

and keep the herds separate.


32:17   He instructed the foreman:

When my brother Esau

meets you asking:

Who are you

and where are you going?

And whose are these animals

with you?


32:18   Then you tell him:

They belong to your subject Jacob.

They are a gift

sent to master Esau

and he will be coming after us.


32:19   He then instructed

the second and third in charge

along with others

who traveled with the herds:

You need to say

the same thing to Esau

when you meet him.


32:20   Be sure to say:

Your subject Jacob

will be coming after us.

As he thought:

I will appease him

with these gifts

I am sending ahead of me.

So later when I see him

perhaps he will receive me.


32:21   So Jacob's gifts went ahead

but he spent the night in his camp.


32:22   He woke up during the night

and traveled with his two wives

his two maids and his eleven sons

and they crossed over the Jabbok.


32:23   After he sent them

over the stream

he sent over all his things.


32:24   Then Jacob was left

alone there

and Someone wrestled him

until daybreak.


32:25   Knowing He would not prevail

He touched Jacob's hip socket

and dislocated his hip

as they wrestled.


32:26   Then He spoke to him:

Let go, as it is now daybreak.

But Jacob replied:

I will not let go

until You bless me.


32:27   Then He spoke to him:

What is your name?

He answered:



32:28   Then He spoke to him:

Your name will no longer be Jacob.

Instead you will be called Israel

because you persevered

with God and others

and have prevailed.


32:29   Jacob then asked:

I pray please tell me Your Name.

And He spoke to him:

Why would you ask My Name?

Then He blessed him at that place.


32:30   Jacob named that place

Peniel (face of God) saying:

For I have seen God face to face

and my life was spared.


32:31   As he left Peniel the sun rose.

He was limping because of his hip.


32:32   Therefore the followers of Israel

do not eat the muscle

attached to the hip

because He touched Jacob's hip

at the muscle.