The New Book of Genesis Chapter 33


33:1     Then Jacob looked up

and saw Esau approaching

with 400 men.

So he divided the children

between Leah and Rachel

and the two maids.


33:2     In front he put his maids

with their children

then Leah with her children

and Rachel and Joseph behind.


33:3     He went in front of them

and bowed down

to the ground seven times

as he drew near to his brother.


33:4     Esau ran to meet him

and embraced him

and pressed up against him

and kissed him

and they wept.


33:5     Esau looked up and saw

the women and children

and said:

Who are these with you?

Jacob answered:

These children did God

graciously give your subject.


33:6     The maidens and their children

came forward and bowed down.


33:7     Then Leah came forward.

She and her children

also bowed down.

Then afterwards

Joseph came forward with Rachel

and they bowed down.


33:8     Then Esau said:

Why have you brought me

all these herds?

Jacob responded:

To please my teacher.


33:9     Then Esau said:

I have plenty my brother.

You should keep what you have.


33:10   Then Jacob said:

Please no

if I have pleased you

then please accept

the gift from me

because seeing your face

is like seeing the face of God

as you are pleased with me.


33:11   Please accept my blessing

because God has been gracious to me

and I have enough.

Thus he urged him

and he accepted it.


33:12   Esau replied:

Let us continue the journey

ahead together.


33:13   But Jacob said to him:

Sir you know the children are young

and I have young animals with me.

If they are driven too hard

then all of them could die.


33:14   So please sir go ahead.

Travel on ahead of your subject

and I will travel more slowly

pacing with the flocks, herds and children

until I reach my teacher in Seir.


33:15   Then Esau said:

Let me leave some people with you.

Jacob replied:

Why do this? Simply let me

find grace in the eyes of my Lord.


33:16   On that day Esau got going

on his journey back to Seir.


33:17   Then Jacob traveled to Succoth

and built himself a house

and made stalls for his herd.

Thus he named that place Succoth (stalls).


33:18   Then Jacob went to Shalem

a village in Shechem in Canaan.

As he traveled from Padan-Aram

and camped out outside the village.


33:19   Then he purchased the land

where he pitched his tent

from the the sons of Hamor

who was the father of Shechem

for a hundred pieces of money.


33:20   And there he set up an altar

and dedicated it to God

the God of Israel.