The New Book of Genesis Chapter 34


34:1     Dinah the daughter of Leah and Jacob

went out to meet the local women.


34:2     Then Shechem

son of Hamor the Hivite

the leader of that place

saw her and then raped her.


34:3     His heart was attracted to Dinah

the daughter of Jacob.

He loved the young woman

and spoke tenderly to her.


34:4     Then Shechem

told his father Hamor:

Get me this girl as my wife.


34:5     When Jacob heard Dinah

his daughter had been violated

his sons were out in the field

with his herds

so he held his peace

until they returned.


34:6     Then Hamor

Shechem's father

went out to talk with Jacob.


34:7     When Jacob's sons returned

from the field

they heard what happened.

They were upset and angry

because he had done something

condemned in Israel

by lying with Jacob's daughter

which should not have happened.


34:8     But Hamor told them:

My son Shechem’s heart

is set on your daughter.

Please give her to him as his wife.


34:9     Join our family.

Give us your daughters

and accept our daughters as yours.


34:10   You can live among us.

The land is available to you.

Live here and do business here

and buy your things here.


34:11   Shechem told Dinah's father and brothers:

Let me find favor in your eyes

and whatever you ask for I will give you.


34:12   Ask me whatever great a price

a dowry and a gift you like.

I will give you whatever you ask.

Just give me the maiden to marry.


34:13   Then the sons of Jacob

answered Shechem

and his father Hamor deceitfully

because he had defiled Dinah.


34:14   They said to them:

We can't do this thing.

We can't give our sister

to an unclean man.

That would disgrace us.


34:15   However we will agree

with you on one condition only:

that you become like us

and have all your men

undergo purification.


34:16   Then we will give you our daughters

and accept your daughters as ourselves.

We'll live among you

and become one people.


34:17   But if you do not agree to be purified

we will take our sister and leave.


34:18   Their reasoning made sense

to Hamor and his son Shechem.


34:19   The young man acted immediately

and did this for he was attracted

to Jacob’s daughter and considered

more honorable than anyone

in the household of his father.


34:20   Then Hamor and his son Shechem

went to the gate of their village

and spoke city to speak to the village men.


34:21   They said:

These men are peaceful towards us.

So let them live in our region

and do business here.

There is plenty of room for them here.

Let’s offer them our daughters.


34:22   Except in this case these men

require they will live here

only on the condition every male

become purified as they are.


34:23   Their herds and other animals

and their properties

will become ours won’t they?

Let us agree to their terms

and they will settle among us.


34:24   So the men who met

at the village gate

agreed with Hamor

and his son Shechem.

And every male in the village

underwent purification.


34:25   Three days later

as they were grieving

Jacob’s two sons Simeon and Levi

and Dinah's brothers got their swords

and boldly attacked the village

and killed all the men there.


34:26   They killed Hamor

and his son Shechem with swords

and took Dinah

out of Shechem's house

and left that place.


34:27   Jacob’s sons finished off the wounded

and plundered the village

because of their sister’s rape.


34:28   They took their sheep and oxen

their donkeys and everything else

in the village and in the fields.


34:29   They carried away their property

and all their children and wives

looting everything inside the dwellings.


34:30   Then Jacob said to Simeon and Levi:

You have put me in danger

by making me an enemy

to the Canaanites and Perizzites

those people who live in this region.

There are only a few of us

and if they join forces and attack me

my household and me will be destroyed.


34:31   But they replied:

Should he have dealt with our sister

As though she was a prostitute?