The New Book of Genesis Chapter 35


35:1     Then God spoke to Jacob:

Get up and go to Bethel.

Live there and make an altar to God

who appeared to you while you fleed

the presence of your brother Esau.


35:2     Then Jacob told his household

and everyone who was with him:

Turn away from the foreign gods

that are among you

and cleanse yourselves

and change your garments.


35:3     Then let us rise and go to Bethel

and I will make an altar to God

Who answered me when I was distressed

and is with me on my journey.


35:4     So they give Jacob their foreign gods

and the rings that were in their ears

and Jacob hid them under the oak near Shechem.


35:5     Then they set off on their journey

and the respect for God enveloped

the villages they passed through.

And no one pursued the sons of Jacob.


35:6     Then Jacob and those with him

arrived in Luz (Bethel) in Canaan.


35:7     And there he built an altar

and called that place El Bethel

because God appeared to him there.


35:8     But Rebekah's nurse Deborah passed away

and she was buried

under an oak at Bethel

so he called this place

Allon Bakuth (oak of weeping).


35:9     Then God appeared to Jacob again

as he returned from Padan-Aram

and blessed him.


35:10   Then God spoke to him:

Your name was Jacob.

But no more will you be called Jacob.

Instead Israel is now your name.

Thus He named him Israel.


35:11   God continued to speak to him:

I am God Almighty.

Bear fruit and become great.

People and their assemblies will follow you.

And leaders shall be brought forth

from your leadership.


35:12   And the other world given

to Abraham and Isaac will be given to you.

Yes your followers after you

will also be given that world.


35:13   Then God left him there

in that place where He spoke to him.


35:14   Then Jacob put up a monument

in that place where he spoke with God.

Then he poured an offering on it

and poured oil on it.


35:15   Then Jacob named the place

where God spoke to him Bethel (house of God).


35:16   Then they traveled away from Bethel

and were a little ways away from Ephratha

when Rachel gave birth

and had great birthing pains.


35:17   Soon when she had great pains

she began to give birth.

Her midwife said to her:

Don’t worry

you are having another son.


35:18   Then as her soul passed –

because she passed away –

she named him Ben-Oni

and his father called him Benjamin.


35:19   So Rachel passed away

and her body was buried

on the road to Ephratha (Bethlehem).


35:20   So Jacob set up a monument

on top of her tomb

that marks Rachel's tomb to this day.


35:21   Then Israel traveled on

and pitched his tent

past the tower of Edar.


35:22   While Israel was living there

Reuben laid with Bilhah

his father's concubine

and Israel heard about it.


35:23   There were twelve sons of Jacob:

The sons of Leah:

Jacob's first-born Reuben

Simeon and Levi

Judah, Issachar, and Zebulun.


35:24   The sons of Rachel:

Joseph and Benjamin.


35:25   The sons of Rachel's housemaid Bilhah:

Dan and Naphtali.


35:26   The sons of Leah's housemaid Zilpah:

Gad and Asher.

These were the sons of Jacob

who were born of him in Padan-Aram.


35:27   Then Jacob went to his father Isaac

at Mamre in the region of Arba

which is Hebron

where Abraham and Isaac had traveled.


35:28   And Isaac lived for 180 years.


35:29   Then Isaac’s spirit passed away

and was taken up to his people.

He was aged 

and satisfied with his years.

His body was buried 

by sons Esau and Jacob.