The New Book of Genesis Chapter 37


37:1     Jacob lived in the region

where his father had lived

in the land of Canaan.


37:2     These were the descendants of Jacob:

When Joseph was seventeen years old

he tended flocks with his brothers

the sons of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah

(his father's two wives).

He reported them poorly to his father.


37:3     Now Israel loved Joseph

greater than his other sons

because he was born when he was older.

So he made a colorful robe for him.


37:4     When his brothers found their father

loved him more than them

they abhored him

and could not speak nicely to him.


37:5     Then Joseph had a dream

and told this to his brothers.

They abhored him all the more.


37:6     He said to them:

Hear about this dream I had:


37:7     We were tying bundles of grain

in the field when suddenly

my bundle rose and stood upright

and your bundles surrounded mine

and then bowed down to it.


37:8     So his brothers said to him:

Will you now reign over us?

Indeed, will you be ruling us?

Then they abhored him more

because of his dream

and what he had told them.


37:9     Then he had another dream

and told this again to his brothers:

Behold, I had another dream

and this time the sun and moon

and eleven stars bowed down to me.


37:10   He told his father

along with his brothers

and his father rebuked him saying:

What is this dream you had?

Will myself and your mother

and your brothers all

come and bow ourselves

down on the ground before you?


37:11   His brothers envied him

but his father focused on business at hand.


37:12   Then his brothers went out

to graze their father's flocks in Shechem.


37:13   And Israel said to Joseph:

Aren’t your brothers grazing flocks in Shechem?

Come, I am going to send you to them.

Joseph responded:

That’s fine.


37:14   Then he said to him:

Please go and find out if all is well

with your brothers and the flocks

and relay that back to me.

Then he sent him away

from the Valley of Hebron.

Then Joseph arrived at Shechem.


37:15   A certain man found him wandering

in the fields and asked him:

What are you looking for?


37:16   He responded:

I'm looking for my brothers.

Please, can you tell me where

they are grazing their flocks?


37:17   Then the man said:

They have left this place.

I heard them say:

Let's go to Dothan.

Then Joseph went after his brothers

and found them near Dothan.



37:18   When they saw him a ways away

before he reached them

they plotted to kill him.


37:19   Then they said to each other:

Here comes the dreamer!


37:20   Come on, let's go kill him

and throw him into a pit.

We’ll say that some evil beast

devoured him.

Then we'll see what becomes

of his dreams.


37:21   Once Reuben heard about this

he tried to save him from their harm, saying:

We should not kill him.


37:22   Then Reuben said to them:

Shed no blood.

Throw him into this pit in the woods.

But don't lay a hand on him.

Reuben said this to save him from them

and take him back to his father.


37:23   Once the brothers caught Joseph

they ripped his colorful robe off.


37:24   Then they grabbed him

and tossed him into the pit.

The pit was empty

as there was no water in it.


37:25   When they sat down to eat their meal

they looked up and saw a gang of Ishmaelites

arriving from Gilead.

Their camels were loaded with spices

and balm and myrrh

bringing them down to Egypt.


37:26   Then Judah said to his brothers:

What is the gain if we kill our brother

and cover up his blood?


37:27   Instead let’s sell him

to the Ishmaelites

and not lay a hand on him.

After all he is our brother

our own flesh and blood.

His brothers agreed to this.


37:28   Once the Midianite merchants passed

his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the pit

and sold him for twenty pieces of silver

to the Ishmaelites.

Then they brought Joseph to Egypt.


37:29   When Reuben returned to the pit

he saw that Joseph wasn’t there.

He ripped his clothing.


37:30   He returned to his brothers and said:

The boy isn't there!

Where should I go now?


37:31   Then they took Joseph's robe

and dipped it in slaughtered goat blood.


37:32   They brought the colored robe

back to their father and said:

We have found this.

Tell us whether it is your son's robe.


37:33   He recognized it and said:

Yes it is my son's robe.

Some violent beast has devoured him.

Surely Joseph has been ripped to pieces.


37:34   Then Jacob ripped his clothing

and put sackcloth on

and mourned for his son for days.


37:35   All his sons and daughters came over

to comfort him but he refused comfort.

He said:

No I will continue to mourn my son

until I go into the grave.

Thus his father cried for him.


37:36   Then the Midianites sold Joseph

to Potiphar in Egypt

one of Pharaoh's officials

and the captain of the guard.