The New Book of Genesis Chapter 39


39:1     And Joseph was brought to Egypt.

Potiphar was the Egyptian captain

who bought him from the Ishmaelites

which had taken him down there.


39:2     Now Yahweh was with Joseph

and he became successful

living in his Egyptian master’s house.


39:3     His master came to understand

that Yahweh was with him

and that Yahweh helped him succeed

in everything he did.


39:4     Thus Joseph found favor in his eyes

and became his servant.

He put him in charge

of his household

and all that he owned.


39:5     While he put him in charge

of his household

and all he owned

Yahweh blessed the Egyptian’s house.

Because of Joseph Yahweh’s blessings

came upon his house

and all of his property.


39:6     He let everything he owned

be the responsibility of Joseph.

He was not concerned

with what he had

except the food he ate.

Joseph was groomed and attractive.


39:7     Later on his master's wife

began to admire Joseph.

She asked Joseph to sleep with her.


39:8     But he refused.

He told her:

My master is not concerned

with his worldly possessions.

He has entrusted

all he owns to me.


39:9     No one in this house is above me.

My master withheld nothing but you

because you are his wife.

How could I do such wickedness

and make such an offense to God?


39:10   Even though she cajoled

Joseph each and every day

he refused to sleep with her

or even to be with her.


39:11   One day he went in the house

to attend to his duties

and the household servants had left.


39:12   She grabbed him by his robe

asking him to sleep with her.

He ran out of the house

and left her holding his robe.


39:13   As soon as she understood

he had left her holding his robe

and fled the house


39:14   she called out

to her household servants:

See, this Hebrew is making a fool of us.

He came in to sleep with me

before I screamed.


39:15   Once he heard me yelling for help

he fled out of the house

and left his robe next to me.


39:16   She laid his robe next to her

until his master returned home.


39:17   Then she spoke to him saying:

The Hebrew servant you brought in

approached me and made a fool of me.


39:18   But once I screamed for help

he left his robe with me

and ran out.


39:19   When his master heard

his wife’s tale of how

his servant mistreated her

he burned with anger.


39:20   Joseph's master seized him

and put him in prison

where the king's prisoners were held.

And he remained jailed.


39:21   But Yahweh was with him.

And He showed him kindness

and allowed him to be favored

by the warden of the prison.


39:22   So the prison warden made Joseph

responsible for everyone in the prison

so they did whatever he requested.


39:23   The prison warden wasn’t concerned

about anything under Joseph's care

because Yahweh was with Joseph

which allowed him to succeed.