The New Book of Genesis Chapter 40


40:1     The Egyptian king’s waiter

and the king’s baker

offended the king.


40:2     Pharaoh was angered

by the chief waiter

and the chief baker.


40:3     So he had them both jailed

in the prison of the chief warden

the same place Joseph was jailed.


40:4     The chief warden had them

assigned to Joseph

who attended after them.

They remained in custody for a year.


40:5     Both the men each dreamed

the same dream on the same night.

Both the king’s baker

and the king’s waiter

tried to interpret their dream

while in the prison.


40:6     Joseph saw them

the next morning.

They were both saddened.


40:7     So he asked Pharaoh's servants

who were with him in the prison

why they look so saddened today?


40:8     They told him

they both had dreams

but no one understood their dreams.

Then Joseph said to them:

Doesn’t meaning belong to God?

Tell me your dreams.


40:9     So the chief butler

told Joseph his dream:

In my dream I saw a vine before me.


40:10   On the vine

there were three branches.

Once it budded

the blossoms came forth

and its clusters

brought forth ripe grapes.


40:11   Then Pharaoh's cup

was in my hand

and I took the grapes

and pressed them

into Pharaoh's cup

and gave the cup to him.


40:12   Joseph said to him:

Here is the meaning:

The three branches are three days.


40:13   In three days

Pharaoh will lift you up

and restore you to your position.

and you serve Pharaoh in hand

just as you did as his waiter.



40:14   But remember me

when you are restored.

Please show me some kindness.

Make mention of me to Pharaoh

and get me out of this prison.


40:15   I was kidnapped

from the land of the Hebrews

and did nothing to deserve

being put in a dungeon.


40:16   When the chief baker understood

that Joseph understood the dream

he told Joseph

that he too had a dream:

On top of my head

were three white baskets.


40:17   The top basket

contained baked goods for Pharaoh.

But the birds ate them

from the basket on my head.


40:18   Joseph told him:

This is the dream’s meaning:

The three baskets

are three days.


40:19   In three days

Pharaoh will lift you

and hang you from a tree.

Then the birds

will eat your body’s flesh.


40:20   Once the third day arrived

it was Pharaoh's birthday.

He held a feast for all his staff.

He lifted up the chief waiter

and the chief baker before the staff.


40:21   He restored the chief waiter

to his role and he once again

brought the cup to Pharaoh.


40:22   But he hanged the chief baker

just as Joseph had said

in his interpretation.


40:23   Yet the chief waiter

never remembered Joseph.

Instead he forgot all about him.