The New Book of Genesis Chapter 41


41:1     Two entire years later

Pharaoh had a dream

that he stood by the Nile.


41:2     He saw out of the river

came seven fattened cows

grazing in the reeds.


41:3     After them seven other cows

which were skinny and gaunt

emerged from the Nile

and stood beside them

on the river bank.


41:4     Then the gaunt and skinny cows

consumed the seven fattened cows.

Then Pharaoh woke up.


41:5     Then he fell asleep again

and dreamed a second time.

This time seven clusters of grain

healthy and plump

sprouted on a single stalk.


41:6     Then seven other clusters of grain

thin and withered by the east wind

sprouted up after them.


41:7     The thin grain clusters

consumed the seven

healthy and plump clusters.

Then Pharaoh awoke

realizing it was a dream.


41:8     Throughout the morning

his spirit was troubled

so he summoned the priests

and wise men of Egypt.

Pharaoh told them

all about his dreams

but none of them could

interpret them for him.


41:9     Suddenly the chief waiter

spoke to Pharaoh:

Today I remember my faults.


41:10   When Pharaoh became angry

with his servants

he imprisoned me

and the chief baker

in the prison of the chief warden.


41:11   We each had a dream

on the same night

and our dreams each

had a unique meaning.


41:12   With us was a young Hebrew

who served the chief prison warden.

We told our dreams to him

and he interpreted each of them

according to each man’s dream.


41:13   Those things he told us happened

exactly as he had interpreted.

I was restored to my previous role

and the other man was hanged.


41:14   So Pharaoh sent for

and summoned Joseph

and they quickly brought him

out of the dungeon.

After shaving and changing clothes

he came before Pharaoh.


41:15   Then Pharaoh said to Joseph:

I had a dream and no one

can tell me its meaning.

I heard it said of you

that you can interpret dreams.


41:16   Joseph responded to Pharaoh:

I do not have the ability.

but God shall give Pharaoh

the complete answer needed.


41:17   So Pharaoh said to Joseph:

In my dream I stood

on the bank of the Nile.


41:18   I saw out of the river

came seven fattened cows

grazing in the reeds.


41:19 After them emerged

seven other cows

skinny, gaunt and ugly.

As ugly I have never seen

throughout the land of Egypt.


41:20   The gaunt and ugly cows

consumed the seven fattened cows

that had first emerged.


41:21   After they consumed them

there was no indication

they had eaten them.

They were gaunt and ugly

as they were before.

Then I woke up.


41:22   Then in my dream I saw

seven clusters of grain

plump and healthy

sprouted in one stalk.


41:23   After them sprouted up

seven thin and withered grains

blasted by the east wind.


41:24   The thin clusters of grain

consumed the seven good clusters.

I told this to the priests

but none could tell me the meaning.


41:25   Then Joseph said to Pharaoh:

The dreams of Pharaoh are the same.

God has revealed to Pharaoh

something he is about to do.


41:26   The seven good cows

are seven years.

And seven clusters of grain

are seven years.

This is the same dream.


41:27   The seven gaunt and ugly cows

that emerged after

are seven years.

So are the seven empty grains

scorched by the east wind.

They are seven years of famine.


41:28   This is spoken to Pharaoh:

Pharaoh has been shown

what God is about to do.


41:29   Seven years of great plenty

will prevail through the land of Egypt.


41:30   But seven years of famine

will arise afterwards.

And the plenty in Egypt

will then be forgotten

as famine consumes the land.


41:31   Years of plenty

will not be remembered

after the extreme famine

that follows it.


41:32   Pharaoh’s dream was twice repeated

because this was firmly decided by God

and God will bring it to pass soon.


41:33   Therefore Pharaoh should seek

a prudent and wise man

and put him in charge

of the land of Egypt.


41:34   Pharaoh should appoint governors

over the land who will take a fifth

of the harvests throughout Egypt

during the seven years of plenty.


41:35   They should collect the food

of those good years to come

and store up grain

under the authority of Pharaoh

and keep the food in the cities.


41:36   This food should be stored

in reserve for the nation

for use during the seven years of famine

coming upon the land of Egypt

so the country won’t perish by the famine.


41:37   The plan made sense

to Pharaoh and his officials.


41:38   Then Pharaoh asked them:

Can we find someone like this man

one in whom dwells the spirit of God?


41:39   Then Pharaoh said to Joseph:

Since God has shown you all this

there is no one so prudent and wise as you.


41:40   You shall take charge of my palace

and my people shall follow your orders.

Only with regard to the throne

will I be your superior.


41:41   Then Pharaoh said to Joseph:

I am putting you in charge

of the whole nation of Egypt.


41:42   Then Pharaoh removed his signet ring

from his finger and put it on Joseph's finger.

He dressed him in fine linen garments

and put a gold chain around his neck.


41:43   He had him ride in the second chariot

and people proclaimed him

and bowed before him.

He put him in charge

of the people of Egypt.


41:44   So Pharaoh said to Joseph:

I am Pharaoh, but without you

no one will lift a hand

or foot throughout the land of Egypt.


41:45   Pharaoh named Josheph Zaphenath-Paneah

and gave him Asenath to marry

the daughter of Potiphera

the priest of Heliopolis.

Then Joseph traveled throughout Egypt.


41:46   Joseph was thirty years old

when he began serving Pharaoh

the king of Egypt.

Then Joseph left Pharaoh

and traveled throughout Egypt.


41:47   Through the seven abundant years

the land brought forth plenty.


41:48   And he collected food produced

during seven years of plenty in Egypt

and stored it in the cities.

Each city stockpiled the food

grown in surrounding fields.


41:49   Joseph collected large amounts of grain

as much as the sand of the sea.

It was more than he could count

so he stopped recording amounts.


41:50   Prior to the years of famine

Joseph had two sons with Asenath

who was the daughter of Potipherah

the priest of Heliopolis.


41:51   Joseph named the firstborn

Manasseh (“cause to forget”) and said:

For God made me forget my troubles

and about my father's household.


41:52   He named the second Ephraim saying:

For God has made me fruitful

in the land of my suffering.


41:53   Then the seven years of plenty

in the land of Egypt came to an end.


41:54   The seven years of famine began

just as Joseph had predicted.

There was famine throughout the region

except for the land of Egypt

where there was food.


41:55   When the famine spread

to the land of Egypt

the people cried to Pharaoh for food.

Pharaoh said to the Egyptians:

Go to Joseph and do what he says.


41:56   Once the famine spread

throughout the entire nation

Joseph opened the storehouses

and sold grain to the Egyptians

as the famine got worse in Egypt.


41:57   Then everyone came to Egypt

to buy grain from Joseph.

Because the famine worsened everywhere.