The New Book of Genesis Chapter 43


43:1     The famine was still severe

in that region.


43:2     Once they ate all the grain

they brought from Egypt

their father said to them:

Go back and buy us a little food.


43:3     But Judah said to him:

The man warned us repeatedly:

You will not come before me again

again unless your brother is with you.


43:4     If you send our brother with us

we can go and buy you food.


43:5     But if you won’t send him

we will not be going

because the man told us:

You will not come before me

unless your brother is with you.


43:6     Then Israel said:

Where did I go wrong

that you would tell the man

you had another brother?


43:7     They said in reply:

The man questioned us specifically

about ourselves and our family.

He asked us:

Is your father still alive?

Do you have another brother?

How could we know he would say:

Bring your brother down here?


43:8     Then Judah said to his father Israel:

Let the boy come with me

and we will leave at once

so we will survive

and you and our children

may survive and not die.


43:9     I assure you he will be safe.

You can hold me responsible for him.

If I don’t bring him back to you

and bring him here in front of you

I will bear the blame forever.


43:10   Now if we hadn’t delayed

we could have left

and come back twice.


43:11   Their father Israel told them:

Just put some of the finest goods

of the land into your packs

and deliver these to the man as gifts:

A little balm and honey

some spices and myrrh

some pistachio nuts and almonds.


43:12   Take twice the amount of money

to return what was left in your packs

for it might have been a mistake.


43:13   Take your brother as well

and return back to the man immediately.


43:14   May Almighty God give you mercy

before the man

so he’ll let your other brother

and Benjamin return back with you.

If I become bereaved so be it.


43:15   So the men brought the gifts

and twice the amount of money

along with Benjamin as well.

They rose early and went to Egypt

and stood before Joseph.


43:16   When Joseph saw Benjamin with them

he told the manager of his house:

Bring these men to my house.

Chop up some food

and prepare a meal.

They will eat with me at noon.


43:17   The man did as Joseph told him

and brought the men to Joseph's house.


43:18   Now the men were worried

as they were taken to his house.

They said to each other:

Perhaps we were brought here

because of the money put back

into out packs before.

Perhaps he wants to attack us

overcome us

take us as slaves

and steal our donkeys.


43:19   So they went to Joseph's caretaker

and spoke with him

at the doorway to the house.


43:20   They told him:

We beg your pardon sir.

We came here the first time to buy food.


43:21   Once we stopped for the night

we opened our packs

and we all found our money

in the pocket of our packs

the full amount that we brought.

So we bring that back with us.


43:22   We also brought with us

more money to purchase food.

We can’t say who put our money

back into our packs.


43:23   Then he replied:

All is well.

Do not worry.

The God of your father

has provided treasure in your packs.

I have received your money.

Then he brought Simeon out to them.


43:24   The caretaker brought the men

inside Joseph's house

giving them water

to wash their feet

and feed for their donkeys.


43:25   They prepared their gifts

for Joseph's arrival at noon

for they heard they should eat there.


43:26   When Joseph came home

they presented him the gifts

they had brought into the house

and they bowed down before him.


43:27   He asked how they were

and then he said:

How is your elderly father

about whom you talked?

Is he still alive?



43:28   They replied:

Your servant our father is healthy.

Then they lowered their heads

and bowed down before him.


43:29   Then he looked around and saw

his mother’s son and brother Benjamin

and he asked them:

Is this your youngest brother

the one you told me about?

Then he said to him:

May God bless you my son.


43:30   Then Joseph hurried outside

as he looked for a place to weep

for seeing his brother moved his heart.

He entered his chambers

and there he wept.


43:31   Then he washed his face

went out and restrained himself saying:

Let’s serve the food.


43:32   They set a place separate for him

and the brothers by themselves

and the Egyptians by themselves

as they couldn’t eat with Hebrews

because it was forbidden for Egyptians.


43:33   They were all seated before him

according to and in order of their age

from the firstborn to the youngest.

They reveled as they looked around.


43:34   He served up portions to them

from his own servings.

But Benjamin's portion was five times

the amount of anyone else's.

In this way they ate and drank

abundantly with him.