The New Book of Genesis Chapter 44


44:1     Then he instructed his caretaker:

Fill the packs of the men with food

as much as they can hold

and put their money back

in the pocket of each of their packs.


44:2     Then put my silver cup

in the pocket of the pack

of the youngest boy with his money.

He did as instructed by Joseph.


44:3     Bright and early the next morning

the men left with their donkeys.


44:4     Once they were outside the city

and hadn’t traveled for long

Joseph said to his caretaker:

Get up and go after the men.

When you have caught up to them

Then say to them all:

Why have you rewarded

kindness with wickedness?


44:5     Is this not the cup

from which my master drinks

and uses for his devotional rituals?

This is a wicked thing you have done.


44:6     When he caught up with them

he spoke these words to them.


44:7     Then they said to him:

Why did your master say such things?

Why would his servants

do something like this?


44:8     What about the money

we found inside our pack pockets

that we brought back to you

all the way from Canaan?

Why would we then steal

from the house of your master

either silver or gold?


44:9     If any of your servants

is found to have it

he will die and we will become

your slaves dear sir.


44:10   Then he said:

Okay, just as what you say

so it will be.

Whomever is found with it

will become my servant

and the rest will be blameless.


44:11   Each immediately removed his pack

and put it on the ground

and then opened it.


44:12   Then he began searching

from the oldest

to the youngest.

The cup was found

in Benjamin’s pack.


44:13   So they ripped their clothing

then each loaded up his donkey

and journeyed back to the town.


44:14   When Judah and his brothers

arrived at Joseph’s house

he was still there.

They bowed to the ground before him.


44:15   Then Joseph said to them:

What is this thing you have done?

Did you not think a man like me

would surely know these things?


44:16   Then Judah said:

What can we say to you sir?

What could we speak?

And how could we justify ourselves?

God has revealed your servants’ crime.

Yes, we are your servants

and he was found with the cup.


44:17   Yet Joseph said:

It is not for me to do this.

But the man found with the cup

will become my servant.

And you, go in peace to your father.


44:18   Then Judah approached him saying:

Dear sir, please let your servant

say something into my sir’s ears.

Please don’t be angry at your servant

for you are equal to Pharaoh.


44:19   Sir, you asked your servants

if we had a father or a brother.


44:20   And sir we told you

that we have an elderly father

and a child born in his older years.

His brother passed away

and he is the only one

of his mother’s sons left

and his father loves him.


44:21   Then you told your servants

to bring him over to you

so you could see him yourself.


44:22   But we said to our dear sir

that the boy can’t leave his father

for if he leaves his father

the father would die.


44:23   Then you told your servants

that if your youngest brother won’t come

we could never see you again.


44:24   Once we went over

to your servant my father

we told him what you said, sir.


44:25   Then our father said:

Go back and buy us some food.


44:26   So we told him

we won’t be able to go there.

If our youngest brother is with us

then we will be able to go there.

We won’t be able to see him

if our youngest brother isn’t with us.


44:27   Your servant my father told us

you know his wife bore two sons.


44:28   And one had left him

and surely was ripped apart

and thus he hasn’t seem him since.


44:29   And if you take

this one from him

and some harm comes to him

he said it will take his gray hair

down to the grave in sorrow


44:30   Therefore when I return

to your servant my father

and the boy is not with us

his heart bound to his boy’s life


44:31   he will see

the boy isn’t with us

and that he has passed away.

Then your servants will take

the grey hairs of your servant

our father into the grave in sorrow.


44:32   Your servant assured the safety

of the boy to my father.

I told him that if I don’t

bring him back to him

I will bear the blame forever.


44:33   Now please let your servant

remain instead of the boy

a servant of your excellence

and let the boy leave

with his brothers.


44:34   How could I possibly go

back to my father without the boy?

Don’t let me see the sorrow

that would come over my father.