The New Book of Genesis Chapter 47


47:1     Joseph went before Pharaoh

and told him his father and brothers

and their flocks and their herds

and everything they own

have arrived from Canaan

and now they have settled in Goshen.


47:2     Then he brought five men

from among his brothers

and presented them to Pharaoh.


47:3     Then Pharaoh said to the brothers:

What is your occupation?

So they replied to Pharaoh:

Your servants are shepherds

together with our fathers.


47:4     They also said to Pharaoh:

We have arrived here to settle

because there is no pastures

for your servants’ herds

because the famine is bad in Canaan.

Thus please let your servants

live in the land of Goshen.


47:5     Then Pharaoh told Joseph:

Your father and your brothers

have come to you.


47:6     The nation of Egypt is available to you

settle your father and your brothers

in the best of the land

let them live in Goshen

and if you know any men

who are capable among them

put them in charge of my herds.


47:7     Then Joseph brought his father Jacob

and presented him before Pharaoh

and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.


47:8     Then Pharaoh said to Jacob:

How many years have you been alive?


47:9     Jacob responded to Pharaoh:

I traveled around for 130 years.

The years of my life have been

few and unpleasant.

I have not achieved the years

that my fathers lived

during the days they traveled abroad.


47:10   Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh

and left his presence.


47:11   Joseph settled his father and brothers

and gave them property inside Egypt

in the best land of Ramses

just as Pharaoh had instructed.


47:12   Joseph provided his father and brothers

along with his father’s household

with food according to the

number of their children.


47:13   There was no food in the area

due to the famine being very severe

so much that the nations of Egypt

and Canaan suffered due to the famine.


47:14   Joseph collected all the money

from the land of Egypt

and in the land of Canaan

for the grain that was purchased.

Joseph brought the money to Pharaoh.


47:15   When the money was spent

by the people of Egypt and Canaan

the Egyptians came to Joseph saying:

Please give us food.

Why should we die before you?

For we are out of money.


47:16   So Joseph said:

If you give up your herds

I will give you food for your herds

since you are out of money.


47:17   So they brought their herds to Joseph

and Joseph gave them grain

in exchange for the horses

and the flocks and herds

and for the donkeys

he fed them with grains

in exchange for their herds that year.


47:18   But when that year came to an end

they came to him the next year

and then said to him:

Sir we cannot hide from you

the fact that our money is gone

and our herds are yours sir.

Sir there is nothing left for you

except our bodies and our lands.


47:19   Why should we die before your eyes

all of us and our land?

Buy us and our land for food

and we and our land will serve Pharaoh.

So please give us some seed

so that we may live and not die

and the land may not be barren.


47:20   So Joseph bought all the land

of Egypt for Pharaoh

as every Egyptian sold his field

because the famine was so severe.

Thus the land became Pharaoh’s.


47:21   With regard to the people

he relocated them to the cities

from one side of Egypt’s border

to the other side.


47:22   The only land he didn’t buy

belonged to the priests.

The priests were allotted land by Pharaoh

and they lived off the allotment

that Pharaoh had given them.

Thus they could not sell their land.


47:23   So Joseph said to the people:

Okay, today I have purchased

you and your land for Pharaoh.

Now here is your seed

so you may plant the land.


47:24   At harvest you shall give Pharaoh

a fifth and keep four-fifths of it

for planting seed and for your food

and for those in your families

and food for your children.


47:25   Then they replied:

You have saved our lives!

Sir we will do as you please

and we will be Pharaoh’s servants.


47:26   Joseph made a regulation

regarding the land of Egypt

still valid to this day

that Pharaoh was to keep a fifth

except for the land of the priests

did not become Pharaoh’s


47:27   So Israel lived in the land of Egypt

in Goshen where property was purchased

which became fruitful and populated.


47:28   Jacob lived in the land of Egypt

for a total of 17 years.

Jacob lived for 147 years.


47:29   When Israel’s death drew near

he summoned his son Joseph and said:

If I have found your favor

place your hand at my side

and promise that you will

deal with kindness and faithfulness.

And please do not bury me in Egypt.


47:30   Instead when I lie down

with my teachers

you will carry my body

out of Egypt and bury it

in their burial place.

Joseph replied:

I will do as you have said.


47:31   Then he said:

Promise me.

So he promised him.

Then Israel bowed down in prayer

at the head of the bed.