The New Book of Genesis Chapter 48

48:1     After these things occurred

Joseph was told:

Look, your father is not well.

So he went to him 

with his two sons 

Manasseh and Ephraim.


48:2     When Jacob was told that

His son Joseph has come to you

Israel gathered his strength

and sat up in his bed.


48:3     Then Jacob said to Joseph:

God Almighty appeared to me at Luz

in Canaan and blessed me.


48:4     He said to me:

Surely you will become prosperous

and will have a multitude of followers.

Your followers will be given

a world on the other side

as an eternal inheritance.


48:5     Jacob continued to Joseph:

About your two sons born to you

while in the land of Egypt

before I traveled to see you there:

Ephraim and Manasseh are my own

just as Reuben and Simeon are.


48:6     But the children you fathered

after them shall be yours.

They will be accounted for

with their brothers in the inheritance.


48:7     As I was returning from Paddan

Rachel passed away to my sorrow

in Canaan while on the journey

some distance from Ephrath.

I buried her enroute to Ephrath (Bethlehem).


48:8     When Israel saw Joseph’s sons

he asked who are these?


48:9     Joseph responded to his father:

These are my sons

whom God has given me here.

Then Israel said:

Please bring them to me

so that I may bless them.


48:10   Now the eyes of Israel

were so blinded from age

that he could not see.

So Joseph brought them near

and he kissed and embraced them.


48:11   Then Israel said to Joseph:

I never expected to see you again.

But God let me see your children too.


48:12   Then Joseph took them off his knees

and bowed his head to the ground.


48:13   Then Joseph took both Ephraim

with his right hand to Israel’s left

and Manasseh with his left hand

toward Israel’s right side

and pulled them close to him.


48:14   But Israel reached out his right hand

and placed it on the head of Ephraim

who was the youngest

and his left hand on Manasseh’s head

to cross over his hands

though Manasseh was the firstborn.


48:15   Then he blessed Joseph saying:

The God with whom my teachers

Abraham and Isaac walked

God who has been my shepherd

all my life to this day


48:16   May the angel

who redeemed me

from wickedness

bless these boys.

May my name

live on in them

with the names of my teachers

Abraham and Isaac.

And may they grow

and become successful

within this world.


48:17   When Joseph saw his father

had put his right hand

on Ephraim’s head

it bothered him.

So he took his father’s hand

and moved it from Ephraim

to Manasseh’s head.


48:18   Then Joseph said to his father:

Father this is not correct

as this one is the firstborn.

Place your right hand on his head.


48:19   But his father refused saying:

I know my son I know

he also will have a following

and he also will be successful.

But his younger brother

shall be more successful than he

and his followers will be

a fulfilled people.


48:20   Israel blessed them saying:

I bless you this day.

May God ordain you

Ephraim and Manasseh.

Thus he put Ephraim before Manasseh.


48:21   Then Israel said to Joseph:

Surely I am about to die

but God will be with you

and bring you back

to the world of your teachers.


48:22   I give you a bit more

than your brothers

of what I took from Amorites

with my sword and my bow.