The New Book of Genesis Chapter 50


50:1     Joseph bent over his father

and wept over him 

and kissed him.


50:2     Joseph directed his physicians

to embalm his father.

So the physicians embalmed Israel.


50:3     Forty days were required for this

as this was the time required for embalming.

The Egyptians mourned for seventy days.


50:4     When the time of mourning passed

Joseph spoke to Pharaoh’s officials:

If I have found favor in your eyes

tell Pharaoh for me:


50:5     My father made me promise him

because he was dying

that I should bury him

in the tomb he dug

for himself in Canaan.

So please let me travel there

and bury my father.

I will return shortly after.


50:6     Pharaoh said:

Go ahead and bury your father there

just as he made you promise.


50:7     So Joseph left to bury his father.

All Pharaoh’s officials accompanied him

those dignitaries in his palace

along with all the dignitaries of Egypt.


50:8     Along with Joseph’s family

and his brothers and their father’s family.

They left only their children

and their flocks and herds

in the land of Goshen.


50:9     Chariots and riders went with him.

It was a very large group.


50:10   When they got to the barn in Atad

nearby the Jordan river

they mourned in sorrow and lamenting

and there Joseph observed seven days

of mourning for his father.


50:11   When Canaanites living there

saw the mourning in the barn at Atad

they said it was a serious Egyptian mourning.

So that place along the Jordan river

is now called Abel Mizraim.


50:12   Thus his sons did what he instructed:


50:13   They carried his body to Canaan

and buried him in the cave

in the field of Machpelah near Mamre

which Abraham had bought

along with the field from Ephron the Hittite.


50:14   After burying his father

Joseph went back to Egypt

together with his brothers

and everyone else who went

with him to bury his father.


50:15   Once Joseph’s brothers knew

their father was dead

they wondered if Joseph

would hold a grudge

and pay them back for all

they had done to him.


50:16   So they sent a message to Joseph

that his father left some instructions

before he passed away:


50:17   You need to ask Joseph

to forgive his brothers

for the wrongs committed

by treating him so poorly.

So we ask you to please forgive

the wrongs of the servants

of the God of your father.

When their message arrived

Joseph wept.


50:18   His brothers went to him

and threw themselves down

in front of him saying:

We are your servants.


50:19   Yet Joseph told them:

Do not be worried.

Am I in God's position?


50:20   You may have wanted to harm me

but God had a good purpose

as is occurring right now

to preserve the lives of many.


50:21   So do not worry.

I will take care of you and your children.

Thus he reassured them

and spoke kindly to them.


50:22   Joseph and his family remained in Egypt.

He lived for 110 years.


50:23   He saw the third generation

of Ephraim’s children.

Also the children of Makir

the son of Manasseh

were put on Joseph’s knees at birth.


50:24   Then Joseph told his brothers:

I am about to die.

But surely God cares for you

and will bring you out of this world

to the world he promised

to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


50:25   So Joseph made a promise

to the followers of Israel:

God will surely be with you

just as my soul will ascend

away from this place.


50:26   So Joseph passed away

at the age of a hundred and ten.

And after they embalmed his body

it was placed in a coffin in Egypt.