The New Book of Genesis Chapter 12


 12:1     Yahweh spoke to Abram:

Leave your country

your family and your father's house.

Go to a place I will show you.


12:2     I will make you

into a great people

and I will bless you.

I will make your name great

and you will be fortunate.


12:3     I will bless those who bless you

and will curse whoever curses you.

and the people of earth

will be blessed through you.


12:4     So Abram left like Yahweh said

and Lot left with him.

Abram was seventy-five years old

when he left Harran.


12:5     He took his wife Sarai

and his nephew Lot.

And all the things they had

and the people they knew from Harran.

They set out for the land of Canaan

and to Canaan they traveled.


12:6     Abram journeyed through the land

as far as the great tree of Moreh at Shechem.

At the time the Canaanites lived there.


12:7     Yahweh appeared to Abram

and spoke to him saying:

To you and your followers

will this land be entrusted.

So he built an altar there to Yahweh

who had appeared to him.


12:8     He left there and went up to the hills

of the east of Bethel.

He journeyed to the hills of east Bethel

and pitched his tent

with Bethel to the west

and Ai to the east.

There he built an altar to Yahweh

and praised the name of Yahweh.


12:9     Then Abram set out

and traveled toward the Negev.


12:10   There was hunger in the area

so Abram traveled to Egypt

to stay for awhile

because the famine was severe.


12:11   Once he came to Egypt

he said to his wife Sarai:

Surely you are a beautiful woman.


12:12   When the Egyptians see you

they will say this is his wife.

Then they will murder me

and let you live.


12:13   Say you are my sister

so I will be treated better

and my life will be spared

because of you.


12:14   When Abram entered Egypt

the Egyptians saw Sarai

was a very beautiful woman.


12:15   When Pharaoh's officials saw her

they praised her before Pharaoh

and took her into his palace.


12:17   Due to Sarai’s relationship with Yahweh

an infectious disease spread

among the Pharaoh and his house.


12:18   Then Pharaoh summoned Abram:

What have you done to me?

Why didn’t you tell me

she was your wife?


12:19   Why did you say

she was your sister?

So I might take her

as my wife?

Here is your wife.

Take her and leave.


12:20   Then Pharaoh ordered his men

and they sent him and his wife away

with all their belongings.