The New Book of Genesis Chapter 13


13:1     Then Abram left Egypt

and traveled southward

with his wife and Lot

and all his belongings.


13:2     Abram became rich in property

and silver and gold.


13:3     From the Southern region

they traveled around

and pitched their tents

between Bethel and Ai

where his tent had been earlier.


13.4          It was there Abram

had first built an altar

and praised the name of Yahweh.


13:5     Now Lot traveled with Abram

and had flocks and herds and tents.


13:6     But the land didn’t support them

while they were together

for they had so many possessions

that they were unable to stay together.


13:7     Then strife arose

between Abram's and Lot’s shepherds.

The Canaanites and Perizzites

also lived in that area then.


13:8     Then Abram said to Lot:

Let's not quarrel you and I

or between your herders and mine

for we are brothers.


13:9     Is not the whole region available?

Let's part company.

If you go to the left

I'll go to the right.

If you go to the right

I'll go to the left.


13:10   Lot took a look around

and saw the fertile Jordan plains

were all well watered

like the forest of Yahweh

and the land of Egypt

before Sodom and Gomorrah

were decimated.


 13:11  Then Lot decided

on the plains of the Jordan

to set out toward the east

and part company from each other.


13:12   Abram settled in Canaan.

Lot pitched his tents near Sodom

and lived among the plains villages.


13:13   The people of Sodom were unkind

and offensive to Yahweh.


13:14   After Lot had left him

Yahweh spoke to Abram:

Lift up your eyes

and look around you

to the north and south

to the east and west.


13:15   All this land you see

will be entrusted to you

and to your followers

for eternity.


13:16   Your followers will be countless

like the dust of the earth.

If someone could count the dust

then your followers could be counted.


13:17   Arise and travel the world

the length and breadth of it

for it is a gift to you.


13:18   Then Abram moved

and pitched his tents

at the trees of Mamre in Hebron

and there he built an altar to Yahweh.