Genesis Chapter 15


15:1     Yahweh then appeared

to Abram and spoke:

Don’t worry Abram.

I am your protector

your great mighty benefactor.


15:2     Yet Abram replied:

Almighty Yahweh

what will I receive?

Since I am childless

and the steward of my house

is Eliezer of Damascus?


15:3     Abram then said:

You know I have no offspring

indeed a servant born in my house

will be my heir.


15:4     Then Yahweh spoke to him:

He shall not be your heir

but someone coming forth

from your own heart

shall be your heir.


15:5     He took him outside saying:

Look up to heaven and count the stars

if you can count them.

Then He said to him:

So shall be your followers.


15:6     And he believed in Yahweh

and credited Him for his righteousness.


15:7     Then He spoke to him:

I am Yahweh who delivered you

from the Ur of the Chaldeans

to entrust to you this land

for you to succeed.


15:8     Then he replied:

Almighty Yahweh how do I know

that I will inherit it?


15:9     Then He replied to him:

Bring some animals and birds.


15:10   When he brought them to Him

He divided them into two equal sections

but didn’t divide the birds.

He put them next to each other.


15:11   When vultures flew over the animals

Abram drove them away.


15:12   When the sun went down

Abram fell into a deep sleep

and a dreadful darkness came over him.


15:13   Then He spoke to Abram:

Understand that your followers

will be strangers in foreign land

and will serve them

and they will oppress them

for four hundred years.


15:14   But the people they serve

will be condemned.

And they will escape

with the most important things.


15:15   But you shall return

to your ancestors in peace

and be buried at a ripe old age.


15:16   But in the fourth generation

will they come back

for the wickedness of the Amorites

has no bounds.


15:17   Then it came to pass

when the sun went down

and darkness prevailed

a smoking oven and burning torch

passed between those pieces.


15:18   On that same day

Yahweh promised Abram:

Your followers will inherit a world

beyond the river of Egypt

and the great river Euphrates


15:19   with the Kenites and Kenezzites

and Kadmonites


15:20   the Hittites, Perizzites and Rephaim


15:21   and the Amorites and Canaanites

the Girgashites and Jebusites.