The New Book of Genesis Chapter 16


16:1     At that time Abram’s wife Sarai

had not had any children.

She kept an Egyptian housemaid

whose name was Hagar.


16:2     So Sarai said to Abram:

See how Yahweh has restrained me

from having children.

Please go to my housemaid

So I may have children by her.

And Abram heard Sarai.


16:3     Then Abram’s wife Sarai

took Hagar her Egyptian housemaid

and after Abram had lived in Canaan

for over twelve years

gave her to her husband Abram

to be his wife.


16:4     So he had sex with Hagar

and she conceived.

When she had conceived

she began to despise her mistress.


16:5     Then Sarai said to Abram:

My mistake has come to you.

I gave my maid to your embrace

and when she conceived

she began to despise me.

May Yahweh decide this matter for us.


16:6     Then Abram said to Sarai:

Indeed the housemaid is yours

do to her as you please.

Then Sarai dealt harshly with her

and she fled from her presence.


16:7     Then the Angel of Yahweh

found her by a water spring

within the wilderness

by the springs on the way to Shur.


16:8     So he told Sarai's housemaid Hagar:

Where have you come from

and where are you going?

She replied:

I am running from the presence

of my mistress Sarai.


16:9     The Angel of Yahweh said to her:

return to your mistress

and submit yourself to her.


16:10   The Angel of Yahweh added:

Your descendants will significantly increase

to be too numerous to count.


16:11   Then the Angel of Yahweh said:

Now you are with child

and will bear a son.

He will be called Ishmael

because Yahweh heard your suffering.


16:12   He will be a ferocious man.

He will challenge all men

and all men will challenge him.

And he will resist his kinsmen.


16:13   She then praised the Name of Yahweh

Saying You are the God Who sees

may I also see Him who sees me?


16:14   Thus the spring was named

‘Spring of the One Who Sees Me’

located between Kadesh and Bered.


16:16   Abram was eighty-six years old

when Hagar brought forth Ishmael to Abram.