The New Book of Genesis Chapter 18


18:1     Yahweh appeared to Abraham

at the oaks of Mamre

while sitting at the entrance of his tent

during the heat of the day.


18:2     Abraham looked up

and he saw three Lords

standing in front of him

When he saw Them he ran

from the entrance of the tent

to greet Them

and bowed before Them.


18:3     He said to them:

Lords if I have pleased you

please do not leave Your servant.


18:4     Allow a little water be fetched

so You may wash Your feet

and rest Yourselves beneath the tree.


18:5     I will bring some food

to replenish Yourselves

before you continue on Your way

now that You’ve come to Your servant.

They replied:

By all means do as you suggest.


18:6     Then Abraham hurried into the tent

and told Sarah:

Quick! Knead three measures of fine flour

and make bread.


18:7     Abraham went out to the farm

and fetched some choice food.

He gave it to a young man

who hurried to prepare it.


18:8     Abraham then brought curds and whey

and the food that had been prepared

and set them before the Lords.

He served Them

as they ate under the tree.


18:9     They asked him:

Where is Sarah your wife?

He answered:

Over there in the tent.


18:10   Yahweh spoke to him:

Surely I will return in a year

and your wife Sarah will have a son.

Sarah heard Them at the tent entrance.


18:11   Abraham and Sarah were old

and advanced in years.

Sarah had passed the childbearing age.


18:12   Thus Sarah chuckled to herself:

After I am worn out

and my husband is old

can I still have pleasure?


18:13   Then Yahweh asked Abraham:

Why would Sarah laugh

about having a baby when she’s old?


18:14   Is anything impossible for Yahweh?

I said I will come back to you

in about a year she will have a son.


18:15   Sarah denied it, saying:

I did not laugh

because she was worried.

But He replied:

No you laughed.


18:16   The Lords rose up from that place

and looked towards Sodom.

Abraham walked with them

to see Them on their way.


18:17   Then Yahweh spoke:

I will conceal from Abraham

what I do.


18:18   Abraham will surely become

a great and powerful person.

And all the peoples of earth

will be blessed through him.


18:19   For I know him

and he will instruct his followers

and his household to keep

the way of Yahweh

doing what is right and just.

This is how Yahweh will fulfill

to Abraham what he promised.


18:20   Then Yahweh declared:

The cries of distress

from Sodom and Gomorrah are great.

As a result their penalty

will be significantly grievous.


18:21   I will descend

to see whether they have done

supports the cries of distress

that have been sent to Me.

Therefore I will get to the bottom of it.


18:22   The two Lords turned around

and went towards Sodom

while Abraham remained

standing before Yahweh.


18:23   Abraham approached and asked:

Will you destroy the righteous

with the wicked?


18:24   What if fifty righteous people

are in the city?

Will you destroy it anyway

instead of sparing the place

for the sake of the fifty righteous people?


18:25   You would not do this:

Killing the righteous with the wicked

treating the righteous and the wicked alike.

You could not do that.

Shall the Judge of the earth

not do what is just?


18:26   Yahweh replied:

If I find fifty righteous people

in the city of Sodom

I will spare the whole place

for their sake.


18:27   Then Abraham answered:

Since I have risked

speaking to my Lord

​though I am dust and ashes


18:28   suppose the fifty righteous lack five.

Will you destroy the whole city

for lack of five? 

The Lord replied:

I will not destroy it

if I find there forty-five.


18:29   Then Abraham asked:

What if forty are found there?

He answered:

I will not do it on account of forty.


18:30   Then he said:

Let my Lord not be offended

and I will ask further.

Suppose thirty are found there?

He replied:

I will not do it if I find thirty there.


18:31   Then he said:

Since I have risked asking to speak to my Lord

suppose twenty are found there?

He replied:

I will not destroy it on account of twenty.


18:32   Then he asked:

Please my Lord do not be offended

and I will ask once more:

Suppose ten are found there? 

He answered:

I will not destroy it on account of ten.


18:33   When Yahweh finished

speaking with Abraham

He departed that place

and Abraham returned to his tent.