The New Book of Genesis Chapter 19


19:1     Two angels arrived in Sodom

in the evening.

Lot sat at Sodom’s gate.

When Lot saw them

he rose to meet them

and bowed down

to the ground before them.


19:2     He said to them:

Surely my sirs you should rest.

I pray please stay at your servant's house.

Stay the night and wash your feet.

Then you can continue on your way

early in the morning.

They replied to him:

No we'll stay the night

in the town square.


19:3     But he continued to urge them

so they entered his house

to stay the night.

He prepared a feast for them

and baked unleavened bread

and they ate.


19:4     Before they laid down to sleep

the men of Sodom

young and old

surrounded the house

from all parts of the town.


19:5     They called out to Lot:

Where are the men who visited you?

Bring them outside for us

so we can meet them.


19:6     Lot went outside to them

shutting the door after him.


19:7     He said to them:

I pray to you, brothers.

Don't be so mischievous.


19:8     Surely I have two daughters.

They haven’t been with a man.

Let me bring them out to you

and you can do what you please.

Just don’t offend these men

for they are under my protection.


19:9     Then they replied:

Stand back.

This man traveled here.

A foreigner who dares judge us.

We'll harm you

more than we harm them.

They pressed in on Lot

and barged in on him

and broke down the door.


19:10   Then the angels reached out

and pulled Lot back

inside the house

and shut the door.


19:11   And they stricken the men

at the door of the house

from the youngest to the oldest

with sudden blindness.

So those outside became worn out

trying to find the door.


19:12   Then the angels spoke to Lot:

Who else is here with you?

Any other sons or daughters

or other relatives in the town?

Get them out of here


19:13   because it is about to be destroyed.

The outcry against this place

has been great before Yahweh

so Yahweh will allow

it to be destroyed.


19:14   Then Lot went outside

and spoke to the bridegrooms

who were to marry his daughters.

He told them:

Hurry and leave this place

because Yahweh will allow

this place to be destroyed.

Yet his sons-in-law

thought he was joking.


19:15   When the morning came

The angels hurried Lot and said:

Wake up and take your wife

and your two daughters here

or you will be consumed

by the wickedness of the town.


19:16   Then when Lot hesitated

the angels grabbed his hand

and the hands of his wife and daughters

because Yahweh had mercy on them.

They escorted them outside the town.


19:17   They took them outside

and they told them:

Run for your lives.

Don't look behind you

or stop in the plains.

Flee to the mountains

lest you be destroyed.


19:18   But Lot replied to them:

No please Lord!


19:19   Now your servant

found your mercy

and you’ve shown me

great compassion

in sparing my life.

But I cannot escape to the mountains

for my affliction will overtake me

and I will die.


19:20   Consider this town nearby.

It is close enough to escape to

and it's just a small one.

Let me escape there

to this little place.

Then I will survive.


19:21   He answered:

Okay, I will grant this request

and the town you speak of

will not be destroyed.


19:22   But hurry up

for nothing will happen

until you arrive there.

(This is why the town is called Zoar.)


19:23   Lot arrived in Zoar

as the sun rose over the mountains.


19:24   Then Yahweh caused sulfur and fire

to rain on Sodom and Gomorrah.

From the sky it fell by Yahweh.


19:25   Thus those towns were destroyed

throughout the region

with the inhabitants of the towns

and the plants that grew around them.


19:26   But his wife looked back longingly

and became a statue of salt.


19:27   Abraham rose early in the morning

and journeyed to the place

where he stood before Yahweh.


19:28   He gazed out

toward Sodom and Gomorrah

and the nearly lands.

As he gazed

he saw the smoke rising

up from the land

like smoke from a chimney.


19:29   As those towns were destroyed

God remembered Abraham.

He sent Lot out

from the midst of destruction

as the towns Lot lived in

were destroyed.


19:30   Then Lot left Zoar

with his two daughters

and settled in the mountains

because he worried

about living in Zoar.

He lived in a cave

with his two daughters.


19:31   Later on the firstborn daughter

said to the younger daughter:

Our father has become old

and no man will come

for us throughout the land.


19:32   Let's give our father

some wine to drink

so we can lie down with him

and sustain our father’s lineage.


19:33   That night their father drank wine

and the older daughter laid with him.

Unaware she had laid with him

he got up.


19:34   Then in the morning

the firstborn daughter told the younger:

I laid with my father last night.

Let's give him wine again tonight.

Then you lie with him

so we preserve our lineage

with our father.


19:35   So their father drank that night

and the younger one also came

and laid with him.

Unaware she had laid with him

he got up.


19:36   Thus both of Lot's daughters

became pregnant from their father.


19:37   The firstborn daughter had a son

and named him Moab.

He is the Moabites ancestor

to this day.


19:38   The younger daughter also had a son

and named him Ben-Ammi.

He is an Ammonites ancestor

to this day.