The New Book of Genesis Chapter 2

2:1       So thus became

the spiritual realm

and the physical world

completed in all their expanse.


2:2       By the seventh period of time

the Almighty finished His efforts

and during the seventh period of time

He rested from His work.


2:3       So the Almighty sanctified

the seventh period of time

and made it holy

because in that time

did He complete His creation

and rest.


2:4       This is the origin

of the spiritual realm

and the physical world

as they were made

when the Almighty God created

the world and the heavens.


2:5       At that time no trees

had yet grown from the ground

and no plant had yet sprouted

because the Almighty God

had not sent waters

and there was no one

to take care of the region.


2:6       But a mist arose

from the land

and wetted the surface

of the soil.


2:7       Then Almighty God created

a soul from the essence

of the realm

and breathed into him

the spirit of life.

And the soul

became a living being.


2:8       Almighty God established

a forest in the beginning

and there within Bliss

that He put the soul He created.


2:9       Almighty God created

many types of trees

to grow within the realm

trees pleasing to the eye

and good for food.

In the middle of the forest

was the tree of happiness

and the tree of knowledge

of pleasure and pain.


2:10     Purifying waters

flowed blissfully through the forest

separated by four elements.


2:11     The first accounted

for the increase in flow

that wound through the region

and circled the region

of shimmering splendor.


2:12     The splendor of that place

with precious stones beautiful

and aromatic resins.


2:13     The second accounted

for the turn about

into the dark region.


2:14     The third accounted

for the rapid nature

with which it flowed.

And the fourth accounted

for the fruitfulness

of the waters.


2:15     Almighty Yahweh brought forth

souls into the forest of Bliss

to serve and care for it.


2:16     Almighty Yahweh instructed

the souls that they could eat

from any tree in the forest


2:17     but not to eat

from the tree of pleasure and pain

for eating that will certainly

cause spiritual death.


2:18     Almighty Yahweh designed

souls to bond with others

so they would not be alone.


2:19     From that place

Almighty Yahweh created

every beast that roamed the place

and those who flew in heaven.

They were presented to the soul

and they were all accounted for.


2:20     So the soul accounted

for all the creatures

that roamed the place

the birds that flew

in the sky

and all the beasts.

But for the soul

no suitable mate was found.


2:21     So Almighty Yahweh brought forth

from the core of the soul

while he was asleep

a part from within him.


2:22     Almighty Yahweh used

this core element from the soul

to make his mate

and brought them together.


2:23     The soul declared:

This is my essence

this is my family

and we shall be together

since she was created

from my self.


2:24     This is why a soul

who departs from the Creator

becomes united with a family

to make a community.


2:25     The soul and his mate

were both bare

and felt no shame.