The New Book of Genesis Chapter 20


20:1     Then Abraham traveled south

and stayed between Kadesh and Shur

then stayed in Gerar.


20:2     Now Abraham said

about his wife Sarah:

She is my sister.

Then Abimelech chief of Gerar

sent for and brought Sarah to him.


20:3     But the Almighty appeared one night

to Abimelech while he was dreaming

and spoke to him:

Surely you are lifeless

because the woman you took

is someone’s wife.


20:4     Abimelech hadn’t gone near her

thus he replied:

Lord would You destroy

a righteous person?


20:5     Didn’t he say she was his sister?

And she said he is my brother?

I acted with a clear conscience

so my hands are clean.


20:6     Then the Almighty spoke

to him in a dream:

Yes I know you acted

with a clear conscience.

For I also kept you

from offending Me.

Therefore I did not allow

you to touch her.


20:7     So return the man’s wife

for he is a prophet

and he will pray for you

and you will have life.

But should you not return her

understand you will be lifeless

both you and yours.



20:8     Then Abimelech arose

early in the morning

called his servants and told them

all the things that happened

and the men were very worried.


20:9     Abimelech summoned Abraham saying:

What have you done to us?

How have I offended you

that you brought on me

and on my people this great offense?

You have done things to me

that should never have been done.


20:10   Abimelech asked Abraham:

Why did you do this?


20:11   Abraham answered:

Because I thought reverence

to the Almighty

surely cannot be found here

so they will kill me

on account of my wife.


20:12   Besides she truly is my sister.

She is the daughter of my father

but not the daughter of my mother

and she became my wife.


20:13   So when the time came for me

when the Almighty encouraged me

to leave my father's household

that I said to her:

You are kind to do this for me.

In every place wherever we go

say that I am your brother.


20:14   Then Abimelech brought forth

sheep and oxen

male and female

and gave them to Abraham

and returned his wife Sarah to him.


20:15   Then Abimelech told him:

Surely my land

stretches out before you.

Live where ever you like.


20:16   Then he told Sarah:

I have given your brother

a thousand pieces of silver.

Certainly this vindicates you

before everyone with you.

Thus she was vindicated.


20:17   Then Abraham prayed to God

and the Almighty healed Abimelech

along with his wife and servants.

Then they gave birth.


20:18   Yahweh prevented the women

in Abimelech’s household from conceiving

because of Abraham's wife Sarah.