The New Book of Genesis Chapter 3

3:1       The serpent was more crafty

than the beasts of the field

that Almighty Yahweh had created.


3:2       The mate told the serpent

that they can eat the fruit

from the trees in the forest


3:3       and the Almighty had advised them

not to eat the fruit of the tree

in the center of the forest

nor even touch it

or they would die.


3:4       The serpent told the soul’s mate

surely you will not die.


3:5       Because the Almighty knows

that when you eat it

your eyes will be opened

and you will be like God

knowing pleasure and pain.


3:6       When the mate looked at the fruit

she found it pleasing to the eyes

and good for food

and desiring to gain knowledge

she picked it and ate it.

She also gave some to her mate

who was with her

and he ate it.


3:7       Then the eyes of both of them

were opened and they realized

they had been bare

so they tied together some fig leaves

and made themselves aprons.


3:8       Then the soul and his mate

heard the sound of Almighty Yahweh

as His spirit moved through the forest

during the day time.

So they hid themselves

among the trees of the forest

from the presence of Almighty Yahweh.


3:9       But Almighty Yahweh spoke

to the soul asking:

Why do you hide?


3:10     He answered:

I heard you in the forest

but I was worried

because I was bare

so I hid.


3:11     And the Almighty replied:

Who said you were bare?

Have you eaten from the tree

I asked you not to eat?


3:12     The soul responded:

The mate you brought me

gave me some fruit from the tree

so I ate it.


3:13     Almighty Yahweh spoke

to the mate:

What have you done?

The mate replied:

The serpent tricked me

so I ate it.


3:14     Almighty Yahweh spoke

to the serpent:

What you did will curse you

more than creatures that roam

and beasts of the field.

Thus on your belly

you will crawl and eat dust

all the days of your life.


3:15     And this will create hostility

between you and your mate

and between yours and her offspring;

which will strike your front

should you strike their rear.


3:16     To the mate He warned:

This will make your childbearing painful

and only with pain will you bear children.

And your desire for your husband

will cause him to rule over you.


3:17     To the soul He said:

Because you listened to your mate

and ate the fruit from the tree

I warned you about not eating

cursed is the earth because of you;

through painful toil

you will eat food from it

all the days of your life.


3:18     It will produce thorns

and thistles for you

and you will eat the herbs

of the field.


3:19     By the sweat of your brow

you will eat your food

until you return to the ground

since from it you were taken;

for you were made from dust

and to dust will you return.


3:20     The soul called his mate

mother because she would become

the mother of their family.


3:21     Then Almighty Yahweh

covered them with skin.


3:22     Almighty Yahweh declared:

They have become like one of Us

knowing pleasure and pain.

So they cannot reach out

and take the fruit

of the tree of life

to eat and live eternally.


3:23     So Almighty Yahweh banished them

from the forest of bliss

in order to work the earth

to which they were taken.


3:24     After He sent them out

He placed on the outside

of the forest of bliss

a guardian of angels

and a flaming sword

flashing back and forth

to protect the path back

to the tree of life.