The New Book of Genesis Chapter 6


6:1       It came to pass that humans

began to multiply

on the surface of the earth

and daughters were born among them.


6:2       The followers of the Almighty saw

that human women were beautiful

so they took wives for themselves

from whom they had chosen.


6:3       Then Yahweh declared:

My Spirit will not

always govern humanity

because the physical body

is prone to error

and a human lifetime

will become 120 years.


6:4       The fallen ones

were on earth then

as well as later

when followers of the Almighty

joined with human women

and they bore children with them

who became legends

the ancient people of renown.


6:5       Then Yahweh understood

wickedness was abundant in worldly humans

and the intentions of their thoughts

within their hearts were always self-centered.


6:6       So Yahweh had compassion

for the humans He made on earth

and His heart was full of pain.


6:7       So Yahweh declared:

I will purify humanity

whom I created

on the surface of the earth

from humans to beasts

to crawling creatures

to birds of the air

because I feel saddened

for My creation.


6:8       But Noah found mercy

in the presence of Yahweh.


6:9       These are generations of Noah:

Noah was a devoted man

he was perfect among his ancestry

and he continually followed the Almighty.


6:10     Noah brought forth three sons:

Shem, Ham, and Japheth.


6:11     The earth had become perverted

in the presence of the Almighty

and was filled with cruelty.


6:12     The Almighty understood

the world would become perverted

because the physical body

perverted His way.


6:13     So the Almighty spoke to Noah:

These physical bodies

have broached My limit.

For the earth is full of cruelty

due to them.

This will cause their ruin

within the universe.


6:14     Now make for yourself

a vessel of cypress

with compartments within

and cover the boat

inside and out

with pitch resin.


6:15     Make the boat like this:

It shall be 300 cubits in length

and a width of 50 cubits

and a height of 30 cubits.


6:16     Now make a window in the boat

and put it a cubit from the top

and put a door to the boat on the side

and make it with decks

on the bottom

second and third levels.


6:17     Now surely understand

soon a flood will come

upon the land and kill many

physical bodies in the land

which contain the life spirit

and much on the land shall die.


6:18     But to you I make a promise

so you, your wife, your sons,

your followers’ families

can all get on the boat


6:19     and of all the creatures who live,

two of every kind be brought onto the boat

both male and female

who will stay alive with you.


6:20     As for birds of different kinds

and for the beasts that roam the earth

and everything that crawls,

two of every kind will come to you

to keep them alive.


6:21     As for you

bring all the food

of every kind

that you can gather up

to feed yourselves.


6:22     So Noah did all these things

the Almighty instructed him to do.