The New Book of Genesis Chapter 7


7:1       The LORD then spoke to Noah:

Get into the boat you and your family

because you were devoted to Me

within this society.


7:2       Take seven pairs of pure creatures

male and mate

and one pair of every kind of beast

male and mate


7:3       seven pairs of every kind of bird

male and mate

to keep their species alive

throughout the land.


7:4       In seven days from now

a rain will come for forty days

and forty nights,

and wipe out every creature

living on the land.


7:5       So Noah did

what Yahweh spoke to him about.


7:6       Noah was six hundred years old

when the floodwaters came on the land.


7:7       Then Noah and his sons

wife and son’s wives

got on the boat

to escape the waters of the flood.


7:8       Pairs of pure and impure animals

birds and all creatures

that crawl along the ground


7:9       approached Noah two by two

and went into the boat

both male and female

just as the Almighty had spoken to Noah.


7:10     Then after the seven days

the floodwaters came onto the land.


7:11     In the 600th year of the life of Noah

on the 17th day of the 2nd new moon

that day an upwelling

of the depths rushed forth

and the sky’s floodgates opened up.


7:12     Then rain fell on the land

for forty days and forty nights.


7:13     On that day Noah and his sons

Shem, Ham and Japheth

together with his wife

and the wives of his three sons

boarded the boat.


7:14     With them was every creature

according to its species

those beasts that roamed the land

according to their kinds

every creature that crawled on the ground

according to its kind

and every bird with wings

according to its kind.


7:15     On they went into Noah’s boat

those creatures with the spirit of life.


7:16     Then they went inside

male and female bodies

just as the Almighty told Noah.

Then Yahweh closed him inside.


7:17     For forty days the floods

came onto the land

and as the waters rose

the boat lifted up over the ground.


7:18     As the waters rose over the land

the boat floated on the water’s surface.


7:19     They rose up over the ground

and every hill under the sky

became covered over.


7:20     The waters rose by 23 cubits

and covered the hills.


7:21     The living creatures passed away:

Birds and beasts of the field

creatures that crawl on the ground

as well as the humans.


7:22     All those living on dry land

those with living spirit inside

passed away.


7:23     All the life

on the surface of the land

humans and animals

creatures that crawl on the ground

and the birds

were wiped off

the surface of the land.

Only Noah and those with him

on the boat were left alive.


7:24     The waters inundated

the land for 150 days.