The New Book of Genesis Chapter 8


8:1       God was mindful of Noah

and those animals

and beasts of the field

with him in the boat.

So the Almighty sent a wind

that swept over the land

and the waters receded.


8:2       The upwelling from the depths

and the floodgates of the skies

were now closed.

And the rain stopped

falling from the sky.


8:3       The waters had receded

from over the land.

After 150 days passed

the waters had retreated.


8:4       On the 17th day

of the 7th new moon

the boat came to a rest

on the hills of Armenia.


8:5       The waters continued to retreat

until the 10th month.

On the 1st day

of the 10th new moon

the hill summits were seen.


8:6       So it came to pass

after 40 days

Noah opened the window

of the boat he had made.


8:7       He sent forth a raven,

and it flew back and forth

until the water dried up from the land.


8:8       Then he sent forth a dove

to see if the water receded

from the surface of the land.


8:9       But the dove found

nothing to perch on

because of the water

covering the land.

So it returned to Noah

who was on the boat.

He reached out his hand

and pulled the dove inside the boat.


8:10     So he waited

seven more days

and again sent the dove

out from the boat.


8:11     The dove returned to him

in the evening.

And in her beak

was a fresh picked olive leaf.

So Noah understood

the waters receded

from the land.


8:12     He waited 7 days more

then sent the dove out again.

This time it did not return.


8:13     By the first day

of the first new moon

of the 601st year of Noah

the water had dried up

from the land.

Noah then removed the awning

that was covering the boat

and saw that the surface

of the ground was dry.


8:14     By the 27th day

of the second new moon

the land was completely dry.


8:15     Then the Almighty spoke to Noah:


8:16     Come out from the boat

you and your wife

your sons and their wives.


8:17     Bring out with you

all the living creatures:

The birds and the animals

and all the crawling creatures

so they can multiply on the earth

and be fruitful on it

and increase in number.


8:18     So Noah came out

with his wife

his sons and their wives.


8:19     And the animals

and crawling creatures

with the birds

and everything that moves on land

came out of the ark

one species after another.


8:20     Then Noah built an altar

to Yahweh

and he made offerings

up onto the altar.(A)


8:21     Yahweh was pleased

with the sweetness of the offerings.(A)

He said:

Even if the humans

tend to be self-centered from childhood

the ground will not be cursed

nor the creatures wiped out.


8:22     As long as the earth endures

planting and harvest

cold and heat

summer and winter

daytime and nighttime

will never cease.



  1. The Hebrew word עֹלָה (ʿōlâ) is often translated to burnt offerings but this word refers to ascending or something that goes up. This would refer to offering something up to God. (This translation does not agree with the popular translations describing many offerings to God to be the slaughter of animals, draining their blood and burning their bodies to please God. The early translation to the Greek word holokaustos (ὁλόκαυστος) was made in deference to the ancient Greek practice of offering animals to different deities. This in turn was translated into the Latin word holocaustum meaning holocaust, which was translated to burnt offerings in English. A confluence of societal forces came together to enforce such a recording and translation in lieu of the original oral tradition of these texts.