The New Book of Genesis Chapter 9


9:1       Then Yahweh praised Noah

and his descendants.

He spoke to them:

Be fruitful and multiply

and fill the land.


9:2       The respect and fear of you

will be on every animal of the land

and every bird in the sky

and every creature crawling on the ground

and the fish in the sea

will be your responsibility.


9:3       Every creeping thing alive

can be your food.

Just as you were given green plants

you are entrusted with all.


9:4       But you must not eat flesh

that has life or contains blood.


9:5       For your lifeblood

will require an accounting.

There will be an accounting

for every animal.

Also for each human being

there will be an accounting

for the life of another human being.


9:6       Those who shed human blood

will by humans have their blood shed

because in the image of the Almighty

has the Almighty made humans.


9:7       So you can be fruitful and multiply

bring forth abundantly on the land

and multiply upon it.


9:8       Then the Almighty spoke

to Noah and his sons:


9:9       My promise to you

and those who come after you


9:10     and to those creatures

that are living with you

the birds and the beasts of the field

and the wild animals

all living creatures in the land

and all those who disembarked

the boat with you:


9:11     I make a promise to you:

Life will never be destroyed

by waters of a flood.

Never will a flood ever

destroy the world.


9:12     Then the Almighty spoke,

the proof of the promise

I am making to you

and every living creature with you,

a covenant for all generations

into the future:


9:13     I made a rainbow

in the clouds

as a sign of the promise

I made to the world.


9:14     Whenever the clouds

cover the land

and the rainbow appears

in the clouds


9:15     it will remind you

of My promise

made to you

and all living creatures

of every species

that flood waters

will never destroy life.


9:16     When the rainbow

appears in the clouds

it will help you remember

my eternal promise

made to all living creatures

of all types within the world.


9:17     ThenYahweh said to Noah:

This is the mark

of the promise I have made

to you and all the life in the world.


9:18     The descendants of Noah

who departed from the boat

were Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Ham became the leader of Canaan.


9:19     These three sons of Noah

brought forth people

now spread throughout

the whole region.


9:20     Noah began to tend the land

then planted a vineyard.


9:21     Once he drank some of its wine

became drunk and laid

inside his tent uncovered.


9:22     Ham, the leader of Canaan

saw his teacher’s indecency

and told his two brothers outside.


9:23     Shem and Japheth put a cloak

over their shoulders

walked in backward

and covered their teacher’s body.

They turned their faces

so they wouldn’t see

their father naked.


9:24     Then Noah awoke from his wine

and discovered what

his youngest son had done.


9:25     Noah cursed Canaan saying:

A servant to servants

will he be to his brothers.


9:26     Then Noah said:

Praise be the Almighty

the God of Shem!

and may Canaan serve Him.


9:27     May God extend Japheth's property

may Japheth live in the tents of Shem

and may Canaan serve Him.


9:28     Noah lived 350 years after the flood.


9:29     Noah’s years totaled 950

and then he passed away.